Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YIKES...they're robbing us blind...

We have all heard the expression “rob someone blind”, this idiom may allude to robbing a blind beggar, who cannot see that the cup collecting donations is being emptied. This also sums up how IRAC see and treat the average Islanders…. It's hard to believe that these overpaid appointees at IRAC just don't get it... consumers want discounts and they will take it any way they can get it... Islanders are tired of the IRAC crowd always coming down on the little guy... It wouldn't surprise me if they roll over and give Maritime Electric more than the 7 1/2% increase in rates they are asking for.... they wanted the rate increase because of the high cost of oil but now the price of oil is down by 50% and even lower than it was last year....but I'm sure IRAC are gullible enough to believe Maritime Electric that they are "entitled" to raise their rates..... believe me that these IRAC guys will figure some way of allowing a rate increase. If the Premier doesn't do something soon about IRAC, at the very least he should change their name and slogan to YIKES.... "here come the hikes"...
Cash discounts nixed at gas bar: IRAC
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
CBC News
Wilsons Fuel on P.E.I. has been told by the provincial regulator to stop giving a two-cent-a-litre discount to consumers who pay cash for gasoline.
The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission was responding to complaints that the discount at the Summerside gas bar meant Wilsons was charging less than the regulated minimum price for gas.
Doug MacDonald, area manager for Wilsons Fuels, said he saw the offer as being similar to incentives offered at other gas stations: like Petro Points at Petro-Canada, Esso Extra Points at Esso or the annual rebate at Co-op. He said the discount is a charge that would otherwise go to the credit card company.
"In our business, whenever a customer comes in and pays with their credit card for fuel, the credit card charges back two per cent," said MacDonald.
"What we're trying to do is offer that money back to the customer, so we're saying give us cash and we'll rebate you back what you would have paid to the credit card company."
But in a ruling this week, IRAC disagreed that the cash discount is in the same category as other incentive programs and ordered a stop. Legislation allows incentives, but not direct cash discounts.
MacDonald said he will now have to find another way to offer his customers a discount.

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