Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lizzy Baby...where do you want the "green"..

It's pretty interesting sitting back watching an election for a change rather than being fully up to your eyeballs in the campaign in one way or another. Back in the old days I would always believe I had a good "scent" for the campaign because I was always in the thick of it but I soon learned that this wasn't the case and that in fact the candidates themselves had less of an idea than the "workers" as Islanders were just too polite to lie to them. It became more obvious that there were some real "bellwethers" one of which was how and "when" the money was coming in. Some elections fundraisers would spend a great deal of time chasing someone for a donation and somehow never quite being able to get a commitment out of that person and this generally meant your party was in trouble. Sometimes things would be going quite smooth and the cheques would be "rolling in" and this generally meant you were already in Government and more than likely there would be no changes other than a few "bloodsuckers" who felt your party hadn't done enough for you. They thought everyone else was going to "run to the other side" like they foolishly did. They were always the ones "whooping" it up at the victory party and sheepishly handing over a bigger cheque than usual at the party... but the real tell tale was always in the last week of the campaign "when" cheques would start to arrive unsolicited sometimes from companies and individuals that weren't even on a list and this was a sure sign you had a "winner". Even though the Red Team booted me out in Montague I'm still "maybe" a little connected so I thought I would make a couple of calls to Red "fundraisers" and see how we're doing this campaign and let everyone in on a few secrets... sorry guys they changed the rules, "Pork Barrelling Companies" like my own can't give anymore, just individuals, and so this Bellwether went out the window with it. So I'm now back to the theory that the Red Team is going to win as I watched the 6 to 1 romp of the Blue Team last night... Gee, now I have to find a way to "personally fill the pockets of those Politicians" otherwise the "Don't Get Ahead Gang" wouldn't be able to advertise that I'm back at the Trough again... Quick, does anyone know Elizabeth May's address so I can get her a big cheque...

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James Haven said...

Well Tim,

I think you are going to see a conservative majority after the election with 2 new faces from PEI.