Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simple..Fill Out The Forms...and get your money...

Funny, I read a similar story in the Guardian and here is the comments made by Minister Brown which seem to be missing in the CBC story. This is what Brown told the Guardian "the reason why some of the immigrants are not getting their money back is they have not completed the proper documentation, which proves they’ve lived in P.E.I. for more than a year." “They sign a good faith deposit form that says ‘this is the information you shall provide’ and if you provide this information we will return the deposit,’’ said Brown, adding hundreds of immigrants have received their money back. “If we start just giving money back, without the proper documentation, we could be audited.’’.......“I asked staff, ‘what is going on here?’ I’m concerned about this. I don’t want Prince Edward Island’s reputation tarnished in any way here. If these immigrants deserve their money back they will be given their money back, simple and easy. I am not going to hold any money back from immigrants that come to this country.’’ Obviously the Minister has taken the right approach and has given an undertaking to the Immigrants "Do your paperwork and you'll get the money you're owed back"...pretty simple and the right thing to do to protect our Island image....
Immigrant investors demand their money
Thursday, October 2, 2008
CBC News
Twelve Chinese immigrants staged a sit-down protest Wednesday in a downtown Charlottetown provincial government building, saying they are owed money they provided for investment.
The 12 came to P.E.I. under the Provincial Nominee Program, which provided visas for immigrants who could put up $200,000 for investment in Island companies. One of the conditions of the program was that if the immigrants stayed on Prince Edward Island for at least a year, they would be entitled to get back $25,000.
"Before they moved to the Island, they were told that as long as they lived on the Island for one year they would get money back," said Jinhui Gao through an interpreter.
"It seems that the government is trying to extend the conditions or whatever and not give them back the money."
The 12 arrived at the offices of Charlottetown Business Development Inc. in the afternoon, and were cleared out of the building by Charlottetown police shortly before 6 p.m.
Gao said he tried without luck all day Tuesday to get his money from officials with the Business Development Inc., so he returned Wednesday with other immigrant investors facing the same roadblocks.
Protestors will return
The group said they would be back Thursday morning.
"They are going back to the office," said their interpreter, "and if they dont get the right answer from the people they are going to go to Premier Robert Ghiz."
Gao said he felt he had no choice but make a public scene. He said another group of immigrants had the same problem getting their money back in May, and they too had to fight with government before finally getting paid.
The Provincial Nominee Program has been under scrutiny in the last week over questions of who received money in a rush of applicants in the five months before the program shut down on Sep. 2. None of those most recent applicants are yet on P.E.I.
Richard Brown, the minister responsible for the program, told CBC News he was calling his staff together Wednesday evening to discuss what happened. CBC News could not reach the minister after that meeting.


Anonymous said...

How much money did you or your companies receive, Tim?

Tim Banks said...

Central Truss which is 50% owned by a couple of Companies that I own did receive a couple of units which were approved by the former Conservative Government. Starting up a new manufacturing Company on PEI is a very tough and the shareholders have to continue to pour more money into this venture and to date not a single cent has been returned to any shareholder and unlikely to in the near future. We are approved for some units at Storemark 2008 Inc. but we have not taken them yet but if or when we do they will go to interests of the purchaser (employees) of the Company.