Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holy Cow Batman...we've got a crime to solve..

Someone took off with.. $400,000.00 of taxpayer's money, a real "who" done it, and it sure seems like a crime to me... Alfred, quick get the Batmobile.... I think Catwoman is on the loose...

Really, it is quite intriguing and there are a lot of questions that have to be answered....
1. Since when does the Tourism Department start handing out loans?
2. Who approved the loan?
3. Who exactly where the Directors of the Company and who were the guarantors?
4. What experience did the promoters have as "concert promoters"?
5. Was there an actual business plan or was it "just those girls" looking for a party?

I'm sure it all started out quite innocent and probably with good intentions but so does a visit to your bank to discuss a loan but at some point the banker wants to see a business plan, an appraisal and some security, coupled with your guarantee before you get the dough!!! But when it is taxpayer's dough surely someone must be responsible?

Robin we may have to call out "The Justice League" to solve this caper before Catwoman gets away with it....

Here's the Guardian story and have a look at the comments following the article;


Anonymous said...

It certainly reeks of theft...

First a $100K 'gift' - completely untendered freebie of MY TAXES to someone close to the Liberal regime.

Secondly, a $300K 'loan' that is being 'forgiven' - completely untendered freebie of MY TAXES to someone close to the Liberal regime.

Who is benefitting from these significant 'gifts' ?

Imagine the medical equipment this would have purchased for ailing Islanders?

Stephen Pate said...

Myrtle is Robert's project to make a millionaire

Myrtle Jenkins Smith

You're a day late and $400,000 short.

Anonymous said...

To Stephen 'sleuth' Pate:

Research 'Amigos Gym' from 1994 to see how the same member of the Liberal Millionairs Club was entrenched in Liberal handout goodies...

I belive John Jeffrey (who himself is a recipient of PNP money) and a PEI 'bona fide' farmer (for tax reasons Mr. Jeffrey has preferred property tax status as a 'farmer,' certainly not to slant his reporting on PEI's main industry -agriculture, never) was the reporter on the Liberals trying to prop up Amigo's Gym with kick backs for Gov't Workers who joined.

And the owner of Amigo's Gym was?

Oh, the folly of it all !!!

Justin said...

Myrtle Jenkins- Smith is she the same one who used to own the Fit Comapny that received a special deal from the PEI Government under Wayne Cheverie.
Wasn't the Province using taxpayers money tp pay for civil servants fitness memberships but ONLY if they went to the Fit Company which was owned by well known Cheverie Worker Jekins-Smith.

The real question here is what is the connection between Jenkins-Smith and the Deputy Minister of Tourism?