Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Blue Breakfast....

It was interesting reading some of the comments following the Guardian news article. It seems most people were focused on the reporting about the number of people at the rally. The CBC had 700, the Guardian 500 and most Tories observed over 800 but the bottom line is whatever the numbers were it will be a great boost to the local Tory campaign workers. Obviously the Tory national camp must believe they have a chance at a few seats here or they wouldn't waste their time, but I'm still thinking its all Red. I also thought it was very smart of Harper not to gloat on his polling numbers but instead talked about how close it might be which I'm sure will keep everyone working hard and not taking things for granted. In any event it's great news for PEI that Ottawa has us in their radar. It was also great advertising for APM as I noticed that there were a lot of National News stories that went across the Country that mentioned the APM Centre. Maybe Harper got a picture in front of the APM sign, that should help the campaign.... Good luck to all the candidates...
Harper rallies for support on P.E.I.
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The Guardian
Conservative supporters from across P.E.I. traveled to Cornwall bright and early Monday morning to greet Prime Minister Stephen Harper as he kicked off his final whistle-stop tour of the country with a rally at the APM Centre. About 500 people came to hear Harper’s address to Islanders, scheduled to begin at 7:30 a.m. Some traveled from Tignish on a charter bus, while another busload arrived from Montague. By 8:30 a.m. when Harper and his wife finally arrived, the auditorium situated in the Malpeque riding was packed with Tory supporters of all ages, waving signs and cheering on their leader. Mary Crane, Conservative candidate for Malpeque, was ecstatic to have Harper visit her riding on this last day of the election campaign. “There are 308 ridings across this country that the prime minister could have chosen to visit this morning, and he chose Malpeque,” Crane said excitedly. “I am honoured to have him here today in Cornwall and to listen as he tells us in person that his government will put the needs of Islanders first.” Harper returned the compliment, urging Islanders to support Crane. “We need representatives like Mary in parliament,” he said, also putting a plug in for each of the other three Conservative candidates. Harper spoke with much gusto, but kept his remarks fairly broad and brief. He focused mainly on the economy, and pointed to measures he has promised to implement throughout the campaign, such as indexing the childcare benefit. He addressed the concerns many have in light of a world economic crisis, making sure not to succumb to the “doom and gloom” he accused the other parties of promoting. “I know that many Canadians are concerned with the economy and how that could impact their jobs and savings,” Harper said. “I also know that it is my responsibility not to panic. We simply can’t afford to improvise,” he said. Harper then used the opportunity, in speaking of finances, to get a few digs in at Liberal Leader Dion’s green shift plan. He called Dion’s unwavering promotion of this key element of the Liberal platform a “stubborn obsession” in trying to push a carbon tax on Canadians. “It’s something Islanders cannot afford,” he said. But Wayne Easter, the Liberal incumbent for Malpeque, said Harper’s own environmental plan also includes a carbon tax – something Easters says he has “kept secret” from Canadians. “I get a kick out of Mary Crane’s and Tom DeBlois’ signs saying, ‘Say no to a carbon tax.’ Well, they have one, they’ve just not been honest and forthright with people” Easter said. “What about Stephen Harper’s carbon penalty, which is higher than the Liberals’ and what’s the consequences of that?” Harper’s left P.E.I. immediately after the rally and went on to Fredricton. He plans to then skip all of Ontario, Quebec and the prairies and fly straight to Vancouver and finally end his day in his home riding of Calgary.

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