Saturday, October 11, 2008

Election Indigestion...

I was quickly scanning the Guardian today and I came across this article summarizing yesterday’s events on the Island Campaign trail and they summed it up as "Election Digest" but it just gave me "indigestion". Not one single good idea, just attack the other person or the other this what our political system has come too? Occasionally I'll watch a report from the House of Commons and it is embarrassing and it appears that we the electorate are their training grounds during an election for all the mud slinging. Wouldn't it be "fresh" to actually see a candidate talk about some ideas and what they would like to achieve when they get to Ottawa.. I’ve had enough of this, I’m heading out to “Dumb-darave” to see our Provincial taxpayer’s money hard at work and I’ll not going to attack anyone other than the golf ball…
Election digest
The Guardian
Harper out of touch with market crisis: Murphy
Stephen Harper’s comments on the stock market crisis representing a “good buying opportunity’’ shows that he is not in touch with average Canadians, says Liberal Shawn Murphy. “A lot of people are struggling to make ends meet and are concerned for their future,’’ said Murphy. “They want a government that will help them — advice on stocks is not the first thing on their minds.’’Murphy said a government needs to support individuals and families during this economic downturn. “We need to work together to weather the storm,’’ he said.
Shea accuses rival of personal attacks: Shea
Gail Shea has expressed disappointment with the repeated personal attacks voiced by Egmont Liberal Keith Milligan."I am disappointed that Mr. Milligan has had to resort to personal attacks as opposed to dealing with the issues at hand,’’ said Shea.Personal attacks towards Shea and the Conservative Party began with Milligan’s nomination speech, continued through the debates and up until Thursday’s article regarding the Prince County Horsemen and Summerside Raceway, Conservatives say. “While Mr. Milligan says he supports the Prince County Horsemen, he has condemned my attempt to assist with this critical piece of Summerside infrastructure,’’ said Shea.
NDP candidate urges voters to ignore myths: Pollard
Citing figures from the Department of Finance, Charlottetown NDP candidate Brian Pollard is urging voters to ignore the myths and propaganda promoted by the Liberal and Conservative parties regarding the issue of fiscal responsibility.“When the truth is told, New Democrat governments have produced fewer deficits than their rivals have,’’ Pollard saidBetween 1984 and 2006, NDP provincial and territorial governments stayed out of deficit 49 per cent of the time, compared to 39 per cent for Conservative governments and only 23 per cent for Liberal governments.“As noted recently by the Progressive Economists Forum, there are times when governments need to act to protect their citizens. And sometimes that means running a deficit and incurring debt on a temporary basis.’’
Liberal plan would hurt seniors, says DeBlois
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion’s plan to end pension income splitting for seniors is a bad idea for Charlottetown seniors, says Charlottetown Conservative Tom DeBlois.DeBlois made his comments in response to remarks by Liberal Leader Stephane Dion that pension income splitting was “very, very costly’’ and “not our priority.’’DeBlois also noted that the Dion Liberals had voted against allowing pension income splitting for seniors in the House of Commons.“Helping seniors keep more of their own money is important and pension income splitting is a good way to do that.’’
Conservatives not party to fix economy: Murphy
The economy is in trouble and the Conservative party can’t manage the Canadian economic system, says Charlottetown Liberal Shawn Murphy.“They have been managing the government for only two-and-a-half years and in that time, they have squandered away the surplus, allowing hundreds of thousands of good jobs to disappear across the country and have yet to provide any plan or direction,’’ said Murphy. “The Liberal record speaks for itself. We inherited one of the worst fiscal messes under Mulroney and presented 10 years of good economic growth and fiscal balance. Canada needs a Liberal government . . . to clean up our current economic troubles.’’
Conservatives offer nothing for future of ACOA, says Easter
Wayne Easter, Liberal candidate in Malpeque, says according to the platform released by the Conservatives, the Conservatives offer nothing for the future of ACOA other than what is currently allocated. “If anyone believes that regional economic development is a priority for the Harper Conservatives, guess again. According to their release, the Conservatives commitment to ACOA and Atlantic Canadians for next year is over $150 million less than when they took over,’’ said Easter. “The Conservative platform promise of $300 million includes a southern Ontario strategy. “They also have no intention of renewing the separate $400 million Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) to increase our regions research and commercialization for our innovative industries. AIF is above regular ACOA programming.“I think it’s important for voters to know the truth — that the Conservatives committed to reducing the budget to ACOA — not increasing it as they now claim.’’

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