Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Signgate"...surely there is more than this..

I've been in the States for the past 9 days and there is absolutely "nothing" on the TV or in the papers regarding our Canadian election and certainly nothing on the PEI front. So as soon as I got in the door I grabbed the papers and started milling through the local news and the first item I came across was "Signgate"...surely there are more important issues to deal with during this campaign than squabble about some foolish signs....maybe everyone should get a "spanking" and get back to the campaign and give us something to really think about...
Conservative candidate wants Liberal executive removed from opponents' campaign team
The Guardian
Conservative Tom DeBlois is calling for the executive director of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island to be removed from Liberal Shawn Murphy’s campaign after more Conservative signs went missing Thursday night. Mark O’Halloran, the executive director of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island, was caught on camera removing political signs put in place by local Conservatives. Those lawn signs read: “Say no to the Dion tax!’’ The signs were strategically placed below Liberal billboards throughout the capital city. Photos provided to The Guardian show the back seat of O’Halloran’s car stacked to the roof with lawn signs, many of which had their stakes snapped in two. DeBlois says more signs were vandalized Thursday night, only hours after being put up a second time. He has no idea who is responsible for the latest damage. A city public works crew found 18 of DeBlois’s signs strategically placed in the middle of Central Field ball diamond in Charlottetown. The signs were not thrown there, but carefully placed in a circle, stakes in the ground. In a span of 24 hours, more than 40 signs have been removed, or damaged.“(Thursday) my opponent’s campaign assured the media that the vandalism by the Liberal party employee and campaign workers was a 'miscommunication’. In light of (Friday’s) developments those assurances ring hollow,’’ said DeBlois.“I know that the carbon tax is a poor sell at the door for the Liberals but that doesn’t justify such childish behaviour. I’m calling on Shawn Murphy to apologize to my volunteers and remove Mark O’Halloran from the Murphy campaign. He needs to put a stop to this immediately.’’

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