Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Green (Vote) Shift"...to the other parties..

I wrote Mr. Dion in April of 2007 and told him he was making a major mistake in partnering with Elizabeth May in Central Nova and not giving a liberal an opportunity to represent the voters. When Dion announced his major "Green Shift" I wrote him and expressed my concern that the Green Shift was "too complicated" and would have a serious impact on future Liberal fortunes. It appears that Dion is going to get the message loud and clear tonight when everyone shifts their votes ... On PEI, I was wrong, but only by less than 1/2% but that doesn't bother me very much as it's a great opportunity for PEI as Gail Shea will be a great Member of Parliament and has the potential to be in Cabinet someday. Gail and her campaign workers obviously worked very hard and the difference can probably be credited to Harper himself for visiting PEI twice and suggesting to voters that he could "use Gail in Ottawa".... I expect a big Tignish tailgate party is well underway... I'll predict that this is the end to Keith's political career with no Senate seat....Congratulations to Lawrence, Shawn, Wayne and Gail and all the others who put there names forward.

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