Sunday, October 19, 2008

Keith, it's all over... hang up the skates!

I'm pretty sure that Bobby Morrissey had an inkling that there was something afoot in Egmont and no matter how many times you count it the bottom line is Gail Shea is the WINNER. Unfortunately Keith, it's all over and no big cheque from Ottawa. Keith's been in PEI politics long enough to know that there is not much chance of winning a recount so why put yourself through the aggravation. It's time to hang up the skates...
Judicial recount to be held in P.E.I. riding of Egmont

Saturday, October 18, 2008
CBC News
There will be a judicial recount of votes cast in Prince Edward Island's federal riding of Egmont.
Conservative Gail Shea won the hotly contested race in the western P.E.I. riding in last Tuesday's election, beating Liberal Keith Milligan by just 62 votes.
Elections Canada on Friday said the recount, requested by Milligan, will begin on Thursday in Summerside and be conducted by a P.E.I. Supreme Court justice.
Judicial recounts have also been ordered for the riding of Vancouver South, where incumbent Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh won by 33 votes over Conservative candidate Wai Young, and in Ontario's Kitchener-Waterloo, where Conservative Peter Braid's margin of victory over Liberal Andrew Telegdi was cut to 48 votes during a validation count.

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