Friday, October 17, 2008

Gas 92.9 cents a litre...but not here..

Yes sir everyone... .93 cents a litre but not here only in Ontario where it is NOT REGULATED... Come on guys, celebrate the big blue win and give Islanders a break and lower the prices...Oil is nearly half price and we haven't seen anything other than you guys protecting the big oil companies. The Big Oil Companies have had a good run of it over the past 5 years and now it's time for the little guy. Think of all the Islanders that are scratching by on about a quarter of what you guys are making and give them a break. And while you're at it can you please put a big stop to those electricity price increases. When you think about it, it's Island taxpayers that are paying you guys the "big bucks" so why don't you think about looking after them... I'd almost bet if we wound up IRAC we'd all be far better off.

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Jevon said...

I am not a fan of IRAC's gas business, but it is worth pointing out that gas is as high as $1.30 here in Ontario in towns that are more the size of PEI and similarly off the beaten track.

There is always going to be a premium to pay for a commodity like gasoline in a market as small as PEI.