Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wake Up IRAC...and allow competition..

Simply put, Sobeys, Wal-Mart, Loblaws, Canadian Tire, etc.. have all put a push on investing in new gas bars in Ontario and what do you get...LOWER PRICES through COMPETITION...but Islanders shouldn't worry. Once all the political appointees at IRAC are done working the election they might have some time to look at our gas prices...
Gasoline prices drop to double digits in some Ontario cities
CALGARY — Pump prices are on their way down — especially in Ontario, where some stations are posting prices below $1 per litre. The average across Canada Tuesday is about $1.14 per litre, down nearly three cents from Monday, according to the price-tracking website GasBuddy.com. Ontario has by far the cheapest prices, with Ottawa-area stations selling gas for around 99 cents per litre and Hamilton and Toronto averaging around $1.05.The oil-industry hub of Alberta normally sees the cheapest prices in the country because the product does not need to travel far to get to market. But in Calgary and Edmonton Tuesday, drivers were paying more than 10 cents more per litre than their Ontario counterparts. GasBuddy’s Jason Toews says fierce competition is what’s driving the steep price drop in Ontario — Canada’s most populous province — and that Alberta should follow suit soon.


Anonymous said...

Gas stations are plentiful in Halifax and gas here is always at least $0.05 more expensive than on the 'Gentle Island.'

Gas bars at Sobeys, Wal-Mart and Superstore only give us Haligonians 'more options' to get ripped off 'more often' by big oil and big business.

[Look what 'competion' did to Wall Street with mortgages...]

Anonymous said...

Nova Scotia is a regulated market, like PEI.

However, it is foolish to think that we will have lower gas prices due to competition. We will have higher prices than the rest of the country. (not counting the northern territories)
We don't have the population to affect the price of gas.