Monday, July 13, 2009

Where was the Guardian Editor....

Where was the Guardian Editor Friday when he sent Wayne Thibodeau out to cover the Cavendish Music Festival... Wayne's a good reporter and great at covering the legislature and other top news items... but our Tourism industry is BLEEDING and we need some “good” news... so what do we get in Saturday's paper... a picture of some whining VIP with a 19 people petition wanting to move the VIP tent closer to the stage... a "bullshit" negative story that should have never made it pass go let alone take half the copy... I couldn't believe it... the biggest event on PEI and it gets 2nd page billing and half of which was negative... tourist operator's are looking for something positive and that's just what they got in spades from the promoters... surely had the Guardian sent an entertainment reporter out to the site they would have figured out that 19 whining VIP's (most of which belonged to one family) really wasn't much of a story... and if I were the promoters and tourist operators I'd be sitting in the publisher's office today telling him where the Guardian could shove their advertising in the future... good news sells papers too...
‘We love ’em all’
Thousands enjoy Day 1 of the three-day Cavendish Beach Music Festival
The Guardian
CAVENDISH — There were no shortage of cowboy wannabes on the North Shore Friday as the three-day Cavendish Beach Music Festival kicked off under sunny skies and temperatures that reached into the high 20s.
Thousands of concertgoers, many wearing cowboy hats in a rainbow of colours, converged on the concert site — a large farmer’s field behind Avonlea Village in the heart of Cavendish.
Aaron Lines, Doc Walker and Big and Rich, the band that made saving horses and riding cowboys famous, headlined Friday night.
Pam Stokes and her sister, Judy Bulmer, travelled from Sackville, New Brunswick, cowboy hats in hand, to attend the three-day music festival.
“We love ‘em all,” said Stokes, referring to the concert lineup.
“To get them all under one roof, we said why not? We haven’t been camping for a number of years.”
Bulmer said she was pleased with the concert site and organization.
“I think it is set up a lot better than Moncton,” she said.
But not everybody was praising the concert site.
Cathy LeDrew travelled from Labrador City with seven of her family members. She paid more than $3,000 for eight VIP Club passes.
LeDrew started a petition that had already been signed by 19 people early Friday evening asking for the VIP tent to be moved, and for better access for families.
The VIP tent is licensed which means when LeDrew and another family from Prince County arrived with their children they were told that their children were not allowed in the VIP tent, even though they had VIP tickets.
The children were later allowed in.
But LeDrew said the stage needs to be moved.
Her petition, which carried a headline “VIP Sucks” calls on event organizers to move the VIP tent closer to the main stage for tonight’s show.
“Here, you are so far away, you can’t even see the artist perform unless you look at the big screen,” LeDrew said from the VIP tent.
“I travelled way too far to see these phenomenal performers. I don’t think the performers would be happy right now with the way this was organized.”
There were little problems with traffic.
There were only a dozen cars lined in front of the concert site on Friday.
It appears most concertgoers were taking advantage of shuttles from several large parking lots in Cavendish as well as from Charlottetown and Summerside.
Many others were walking from their campsites.
That may change later this weekend as bigger-name acts, including Tim McGraw tonight and Reba McEntire on Sunday, take centre stage.
Kim Dennis of Fredericton, New Brunswick can’t wait to see McGraw.
Dennis and her friend, Rachel Doucette of Miminegash, were spending Friday night at their campsite.
But they’ll be on the
concert grounds tonight to see McGraw.
“Being in Cavendish is a big thing,” she said. “This is a great location for a concert.”
And for those who don’t have a cowboy hat for the concert, the Cavendish Petro Canada has the hats lined along their front windows for $26.
Doucette said she saw McGraw in Toronto and can’t wait to see him again in P.E.I.
“I’m here because I love concerts and I love the people.”


Anonymous said...

Their entertainment reporter, Doug Gallant, was at the 'real' concert: Paul McCartney in Halifax.

Tim Banks said...

Surely they have others

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that any time I attempt to post a comment it never makes it on....but I see that the comments have to be approved by the blogger which would mean that they are edited by Tim before he decides to allow them.

As a wannabe "journalist" would he not want to allow all comments whether approving or disapproving.

Anonymous said...

It was a hat music concert, Tim. No one regards that as real music. Better to send the agriculture editor.

But have no fear: The Guardian is back to puffery today. The CBC is being a bit more objective.

The tourist industry needs truth, objectivity and expertise. You know what it's been getting.

Anonymous said...

you are so right on this Tim. I was in Halifax on the weekend and all the media reports were 100% positive. The Chronicle Herald on Sunday is a shining example of how our local media should be seeing our events. Besides if you need negative crap, you can read the whiners issues in the letters to the editor.