Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IRAC ....has a new "tune"...

Obviously Ghiz didn't listen to me when you look at the appointment of Allan Rankin to IRAC... my complaint with IRAC has always been with the Commissioners being political appointments rather than qualified candidates and that is exactly the case here...and that's what I had told the Commission Hearings on IRAC a few weeks ago... so even before the Commission's report has been received the Government goes ahead and makes another "political" appointment... but on the other hand a lot of people felt that Allan was a bit of a "socialist" and that things may now improve around the Premier's office.... but IRAC could be singing an "old tune"...
Ghiz shuffles senior provincial officials
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
CBC News
The retirement of P.E.I.'s deputy provincial treasurer and a move by a provincial official to Veterans Affairs have prompted a series of moves of senior provincial officials by Premier Robert Ghiz.
The changes announced Tuesday include:
Doug Clow replaces Paul Jelley as deputy provincial treasurer.
Allan Rankin has been appointed vice-chairman of the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission, following the decision by Brian McKenna to serve with Veterans Affairs Canada.
Rory Beck takes Rankin's position as clerk of executive council and secretary to cabinet.
Jim Ferguson is appointed executive director of the Population Secretariat.
Aidan Sheridan replaces Ferguson as chief executive officer of the Public Service Commission.
Neil Stewart has appointed as chief executive officer of Innovation PEI, where he has been serving on an interim basis.

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