Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Problem Solved... "Captian Lee"...

Now here's a novel idea to help "salvage" the "Festival of Lights" poor performance... bring in "Theodore Tugboat"... the show got cancelled in 2001 and the "boat" got repossessed by the Bank in 2006... so now that the boat has been "re-salvaged" bring it to Charlottetown for some harbour tours... I'm sure the planning department are busy checking out the noise of that "fog horn" as we don't want to wake Kim and her friends up... and what about those "fog lights" washing up on the skies over all the neighbours.... and what about that "diaper run-off" on the sidewalks and the “Kool-Aid” spills... seriously, it's always a treat getting up and reading the "news" and seeing how our taxpayers dollars are being spent... now how about that "Captain’s" hat...
Theodore Tugboat coming to Charlottetown
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
CBC News
Children living in and visiting Charlottetown will have a chance to ride a life-size replica of the TV character Theodore Tugboat during a festival in August.
The boat is permanently berthed in Halifax Harbour, but a last-minute opportunity presented itself last week to bring the tugboat to Charlottetown for two days in August. Mayor Clifford Lee told CBC News Tuesday details of the festival, scheduled for Aug. 2-3, are still being worked out.
"It's a new festival here and it's one that we've tried to get for a number of years here and this year the opportunity presented itself very quickly," said Lee.
"It's a great opportunity to bring some kids into downtown Charlottetown — a real family orientated event."
The plans are for children to be able to take free tours of the tugboat as well as trips around the harbour.
Lee says he's hoping some Charlottetown businesses will hop on board to become sponsors of the inaugural event. Charlottetown taxpayers are paying $10,000 to bring Theodore Tugboat to the capital.

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