Friday, July 24, 2009

"Crappy" Response... from Atlantic Lottery...

What a joke... I got this "bull****" response today from Atlantic Lottery Corporation regarding the name change at the CDP and I quote... "We also talked to employees, players, and Islanders when we were trying to come up with a new name…..".... but they never bothered to talk to the thousands of harness racing fans, drivers, trainers and visitors that support this industry. Apparently "ALC" are heading to Charlottetown today and are making a presentation on the full marketing plan to the PEI Harness Racing Industry Association "after the fact" as they are already changing the signs. Where were our PEI directors Pat Mella and Paul Jelley when this "silly" name change was being discussed (it's time for Wes to step in)... the only solution now to save face is to use either "The Red Shores Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park" or "Charlottetown Driving Park and the Red Shores Casino"... the President and CEO of Atlantic Lottery Michelle Carinci considers herself "under paid" but with decisions like this I agree with all the politicians who continue to take swipes at her that she may well be "over paid"....

The following is an email I received this morning from Atlantic Lottery Corporation to my "objection" to the name change:

From: Customer Support Services []
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 8:41 AM
To: Tim Banks
Subject: Atlantic Lottery: General Comments/no reply needed

Good morning,
We couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter in Island harness racing and entertainment. That said, we understand there may be some individuals who would prefer to keep the old names. We respect that. The names CDPEC and Summerside Raceway are part of Island harness racing history. I assure you, we didn’t take this change lightly.
We made this decision as part of a long-term marketing plan. And the goal of this plan is simple: to deliver a competitive, attractive destination entertainment experience in the face of increasingly vigorous competition. We also talked to employees, players, and Islanders when we were trying to come up with a new name…..and we think Red Shores hits the mark! It embodies the essence of the Island and celebrates the contribution of harness racing. It also reflects the entertainment experiences our venues offer.
We champion the past of this great sport at our properties by educating our visitors and customers of the heritage of Prince Edward Island. We are very proud of our history and our properties. In fact, many of the landmarks remain on site and the legendary names of these properties will still be displayed on the backstretch.
If you have any additional inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Renee L.
Atlantic Lottery Corporation 1-800-561-3942


Anonymous said...

Well theres a generic form response if i've ever seen one

Anonymous said...

Have you asked her the `current status of her letter?

Anonymous said...

So I wonder who the fans were? We go to the races all the time and have for years as a family who has been heavily involved over the years. My Dad was a former president of the CDP and shareholder...don't believe that one at all. Also, why did they have to complicate this change? If they wanted to use the all too forbidden word "casino", then why not simply The Charlottetown Driving Park & Casino!!! What the heck did an "entertainment" centre ever really mean??? I know we have to pick a date and get over this change, but I don't see this being a good change at all for a host of reasons.