Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Rare "Blue"...

There is nothing like a big feed of PEI lobsters and I often get mine from Shane Campbell at Water Prince Corner Shop http://www.waterprincelobster.ca/ in Charlottetown and that's just what I did on Sunday when I had a bunch of people over to the cottage... I called Shane around noon and ordered up sixteen 1 1/2 pounders for a 1:30 pm pick-up and he had then freshly cooked, cracked and put on a tray of ice all ready for my guests... When I was picking them up he showed me a blue lobster which had been just caught off the Pinette shoals by a local fisherman and it's the first one anybody from out that way can ever remember catching.... If you want to get a look at this rare blue lobster then stop into Shane's shop as he'll have him there in the storage tank for the next couple of weeks before he gives it back to the fisherman who is going to "mount" him... While you’re there you might want to try the seafood chowder or the fish and chips as they are excellent... and maybe ask Shane to get a picture of you with the "blue" guy while you're there.
Scientists are not in agreement about the frequency of blue lobsters. The best estimate appears to be one in 10 million. Albino, or pure white lobsters, are even more rare.
Blue lobsters occur because of genetic abnormalities. The color of a normal lobster results from a combination of blue, red and yellow pigments in the shell. A blue lobster lacks all but the blue pigments, hence, his unusual colour.
Blue lobsters tend to be more aggressive than their normally coloured counterparts probabaly because they are more poorly camouflaged and, therefore, had to fight harder to survive.

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