Monday, July 27, 2009

What Can I Say....

Seriously... what can I say... I'm at a true loss for words...
Tweel goes global
Charlottetown politician ready to give his views on climate change to the rest of the world
JIM DAY The Guardian
A Charlottetown city councillor’s views on climate change will be given a world stage.
Mitchell Tweel was selected as one of 100 Canadians to participate in a nation-wide public consultation on this forefront global issue.
The project is part of the first-ever world citizen consultation in preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December.
Led by University of Calgary professor Edna Einsiedel, a consultation will be held Sept. 26 in Calgary.
Tweel, along with 99 other participants, will learn about key policy issues on climate change and then deliberate and vote on some of the same questions that will be negotiated by politicians and other decision makers at the Copenhagen UN conference.
The Canadian discussions will result in a summary of citizen recommendations that will be presented at the UN Climate Change Conference to brief delegates and provide a snapshot of Canadian perspectives on the issues.
Tweel told The Guardian Thursday he considers the chance to participate in the conference a honour and privilege.
“If you look at what has happened over the last number of years, such a tremendous emphasis on global warming, the whole issue of the Kyoto Protocol,’’ he said.
“There is no doubt about it that we as a community, as a nation, as an international community, we are going to have to adopt new strategies, new policies, new philosophies.’’
Tweel says he wants to see Prince Edward Island, along with the rest of the world, become a cleaner place to live.
“I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m an expert (on climate change), ‘’ he said. “I’m certainly not, but I want to work and I want to participate and I want to make a valuable contribution.’’
The event will be held in unison with public consultations in 45 other countries around the world as part of the Danish-led initiative, World Wide
Views on Global Warming. Results from all
participating countries will also be compiled to provide an understanding of the variety of global
perspectives on climate policy.’’


Anonymous said...

I ve been checking your blog every hr to see your response ever since I saw this thoughts exactly

Anonymous said...

Canada has one of the worst records among industrialized countries regarding pollution, and no wonder - with the likes of this representing the country.

What can you say??

reddirtmama said...

your anonymous posters are pretty pretentious people. sure i was shocked, but still proud of the big fella.

i didn't hear of anyone else on the island being chosen, let alone anonymous posters to a big developers blog...

Andrew said...

At least Tweel is out speaking up and doing things. He's is elected official, it's his job.

I don't understand why people give him such a hard time. Politicians get away with sitting on their butts far too much.