Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Cluster Of Talent.... here on PEI...

I came across this cool photo shop website today while reviewing a Twitter follow up and as it turns out the site is being developed right here out of Charlottetown by Dan James and his partners at SilverOrange a local technology company with a great track record.... it's a pretty impressive undertaking and I'm sure as people (and professional photographers) download their images that this could become a major commercial trading site... companies like ours could buy an inventory of professional grade photo images for our use in presentations, public displays, advertising, etc... and we’re certainly going to try it.... these young guns started back in high school doing web development and over the years have racked up an impressive list of clients and are now “old hands” in the web development business and it wouldn't surprise me if they hit a home run with this new website... I love the name as it’s pretty simple like the concept and it great to see local companies like and Mark Hemphill’s ScreenScape working to capture a “global” market...
ClusterShot is just a website. It’s not a movement, a fad, or a social experiment. On ClusterShot, you can sell your photos or buy other people’s photos. It is kind of like that popular online auction site, but just for photos. ClusterShot is a free-for-all site that allows anyone to sell their photos and allows anyone to buy them. We don’t screen for image quality, focus, size, etc. You can post as many crappy photos of your dog as you like. Why wouldn’t you? Someone might buy one.
The History of ClusterShot
Over the past few years some of us at the web company silverorange have received inquiries about the purchase of our images that buyers found online. Unfortunately, we had no way of making the sale of those images an easy transaction. We think there are other people with the same problem.
ClusterShot is our way of making the sale of a photo as simple as possible. We are not a traditional stock agency. You decide what you want to sell through either this website or through your own. We’ll take care of the complicated parts.
To sell photos, we wanted something easy, low-tech and simple. It didn’t really exist, so we made it. ClusterShot is free to use — you pick your price for the photos you want to sell and we will take a very small 12% administrative fee.
ClusterShot is still new, and we are experiencing things that new websites experience: broken features, missing stuff, slowness, etc. We’re doing our best to respond to your feedback and to get things working as smoothly as possible. Please bear with us, and thank you for your interest in ClusterShot.
Who is Behind ClusterShot?
ClusterShot, Inc. is a venture of silverorange, Inc., a small web development firm based out of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada. We came up with the idea, built the website you are looking at, and are generally the ones making everything work.
Be sure to check out our weblog for the latest updates.

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Dan James said...

Hey Tim,
Cool, thanks for the mention and the very kind words. We really appreciate you deciding to give it solid try. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help during the whole process. The site is new and we have a lot to learn/develop.