Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Great Canadian Company...

Here is a picture of new Canadian Tire that APM just built in Tantallon, N.S. that officially opened today and it's a very impressive store for smaller communities. It appears there will be quite a few of these new models opening in smaller markets and they will certainly be giving their competitors a run for their money. It's great to see a Canadian company continuing to invest in our smaller Communities providing Jobs, Investment and Choice but more importantly they show the rest of the retail marketplace that there is opportunity in the Communities they build in. I can remember back in the early 60's heading to Central Street in Summerside to buy a new "Supercycle" bike from “CTC” as they were commonly know then. I had been looking at this bike in their "catalogue" since Xmas so I saved my money from working at my Dad's gas station and I gathered up as much Canadian Tire money as I could find and I headed down there early one summer day to pick it up. The bike was near worn out from all the previous visits I had done “looking the bike over” so when I finally got it out the door I don't think I got off the bike for 8 hours as I was that excited to finally own something new. The old store on Central St. was very “eclectic” and in the early 70's they moved into a new building on Water St. were I worked on the "footings" as a labourer during a summer job at Fitzgerald and Snow. During the early 8o's they expanded this store again and then back in the late 90's they bought a piece of land from me on North Granville Street where they continue to operate a great business there today. It's no secret that they have bought land from us in Montague and I'm sure everyone there is looking forward to a new store there sometime soon. Canadian Tire are truly a Canadian Icon and their continued growth across this Country is very impressive and a "great Canadian story"...let’s hope we get some of their gas bars here on PEI soon... thanks CTC for letting us be a part of your growth and a special thanks our talented staff at APM for delivering this great project... for more pictures of the Tantallon store click here..
From CTC’s website,
Founded in 1922, Canadian Tire Corporation is a growing network of interrelated businesses with more than 1,100 general merchandise and apparel retail stores and gas stations in addition to a major financial services provider and a federally chartered bank. With a top-60 listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the company has market capitalization of over $3.6 billion, near-universal brand awareness and is one of Canada’s most respected companies.

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