Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Good Start... but more change

I've always believed that a good Government gets out and listens to the people... the Ghiz Government is now a little over two years into its mandate and it's time to get "out and about" and listen to some concerns of everyday Islanders in order to prepare for the next election... the Premier's polling numbers have been trailing his Government which is a bit unusual but the notion of a "one term" Government is “ridiculous” and only Tory talk trying to "rub" the grassroots... going into the last election the Tory talk was that Robert was "too young" to be elected Premier and that obviously didn't work... now he has some experience on his side, he's married, raising a family and he's proven he’s a leader who can make tough decisions... and like any new young Government with a young team they've made a few mistakes but none so bad that Islanders will toss them out for... the Premier is working hard and is passionate for our Island and it's people... he's a competitive guy with a lot of street smarts and I expect he'll start using them leading up to the next election... just last week there was a bit of a change in the administration (not enough in my opinion)... and I wouldn't be surprised if the Premier is looking at possibly three Cabinet changes in early September... and maybe some changes in the deputies... but my guess is he'll be taking "notes" while he's travelling the Island this summer.... and he's going to find out that it's always "meat and potato" issues here on PEI and how you deal with them that will affect the next election...
Liberals head west on Friday
The Guardian
WEST POINT – Development and tourism opportunities in western Prince Edward Island will top the agenda as the Liberal caucus meets in West Prince on Friday, says Government House Leader Rob Vessey. “The summer is a great opportunity for the caucus to travel the Island and hear suggestions and concerns from communities,” Vessey said. “Many members of the caucus will spend the entire day in the region - touring local businesses and hearing ideas for the future.” The caucus will meet with representatives of the O’Leary Development Corporation and the West Point Development Corporation in a joint meeting before taking part in tours of local businesses, events and attractions.

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Anonymous said...

You are very familiar with polls so you know the increasing gap by which Ghiz trails the party is the most significant statistic out there. I suspect it will keep getting bigger. The Ghiz team will start throwing people overboard to try to change that number: instead it will get worse.

What you are calling for is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.