Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome To Charlottetown....

I don't think if you were planning it could you screw up the entrance to our City on the weekend any better... I just took this picture looking up the Trans Canada coming into Charlottetown on what should be one of the busiest tourist weekends of the summer with the Festival of Lights... cars have been backed up to the North River Causeway for most of the afternoon... as the City is paving one of the busiest intersections in the City at the corner of North River Road and the Trans Canada... I guess I'm wondering why they couldn't have planned to have this work executed prior to June 25th or have it carried out after the first week of September and I'm sure a lot of people in the line up are probably thinking the same thing... oh well... Welcome to Charlottetown...


Anonymous said...

Do you remember when the paving crew was in front of St. Jean's School paving...on the FIRST DAY of school in the year 2000 as parents tried to drop off youngsters?

Clifford Lee had personally halt the work...

The smartest don't always work at City Hall... and if they do (did), they leave when the opportunity presents itself.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why much of this work can NOt be done during the evening or nightime hours.

You go to many other major centers and heck they even paint the lines on the roads during the evening and night time hours.

Why is it necessary to have this major work being done during the busiest part of the days.

I know you can't pavve in the winter time so why can't they make best use of our limited summer season and do work after normal business hours.

If people in other places can work during the eveining and night time hours than why can't it also be done in PEI?

This attitude that seems the prevail in PEI that people should be displaced and put out as much as possible is starting to have a very negative impact on PEI's image as whole.

Just look at earlier in the week they had North River Road and University Avenue both under construction at the same time.

Can anyone not see the problem here. Can these people not talk toe ach other. I can't imagine that the City of Charlottetown departments are not so large that they don't communicate with each other.

The Island Way had better soon change or else the slump in tourism and business will continue for avery longtime.

People are getting very sick of being constantly put out and made to wait and be treated like second class citizens. If it works in other places why can't some new ideas work in PEI as well.

Stephen said...

I was part of that line at 6pm tonight and they had North River Rd closed. Both lanes were merging forced to go straight.

Anonymous said...

The city of charlottetown have some GREAT ideas I noticed on friday that the city had put lines on Altantic Dr. and thet are supposed to be paving the road from Belvedere Ave down to Queen St entension then resident will probably have to ait till next year to have lines re-applied to this section of road.........

Anonymous said...

The City Works department is without a douby one of the moronic departments in the western world.

There doesn't seem to be one ounce of common sense or concern for the public when they make the decisions and work schedules.

Coun.Lantz has done some wonders with the Police Department and I wonder if maybe the Counselor in Charge of Public Works could maybe take some lessons from Lantz.

It appears to me more and more than many of our so called public servants both in the City and Province and even federal Government have forgotten just who they work for. They public servants belive that they are the people who are charge of things. Somewhere along the way the Public has lost their say and somewhere along the way in the future we need to get it back.

Public Srevants no matter what level of Government they work for are just that PUBLIC SERVANTS they serve the public NOT the other way around.

It is high time someone showed them this.