Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Corporate Citizens... should be the main story...

I know how Wayne must feel... we were also charged this week for infilling a "wetland" that had earlier been identified by Government as a "forest" under our original development approval... it seems every day there is more and more red tape and rules here on PEI... and becoming increasingly harder for businesses to keep up... in fact the Government changed the buffer zone setbacks to 15 meters last December and up until last week on both their own web site and at Island Information Services they were still showing the setbacks as 10 meters... they can't even catch up with their own changes.... they seem more bent on policing rather than solutions which is where "a certain" media's attention is as well... Hambly Enterprises have always acted as a good corporate citizen and again they have proven it here by quickly addressing the problem and correcting the situation as fast as they could... they have agreed to pay a fine and have apologized to the "fishers".... simply put they had no control over when or how the pipe broke and all the engineers, inspectors and permits wouldn't have prevented what happened but some media are bent on giving them a "black eye"...over the years the Hambly's have made considerable investments here on PEI, employed a lot of people, paid a lot of taxes and gave considerable time and money back to our Community... and we should be thankful for that and understand that situations like this happen every day and it’s the good corporate citizens like Wayne Hambly who will see that they are fixed...
Property owner charged in river sewage spill
Friday, July 3, 2009
CBC News
The owner of a mini-home park alongside P.E.I.'s Hillsborough River was charged Thursday after a sewage spill occurred on the property last week.
Charges were laid against Hambly Enterprises, which owns Riverview Estates in the Charlottetown community of Hillsborough Park, for violating the Environmental Protection Act.
Company head Wayne Hambly was served with notice that Hambly Enterprises failed to register the sewage system under the Act.
Hambly told CBC on Thursday that he will pay the $1,000 fine.
He acknowleged his treatment plant was not registered, and that he did not have a certified technician to monitor it.
Hambly said he intends to register the plant and hire a technician.
He said he's sorry the facility broke down, but doesn't think he could have done anything to prevent it.
"I don't think it could have made any difference. The pipe that broke down isn't visible by looking at the system. It's underwater. So the only way that it was visible was after the tank was pumped out," said Hambley.
The company is scheduled to appear in provincial court in August.
Hambly became aware of a problem with the property's 24-year-old sewage treatment system last Thursday. The mechanical breakdown, which resulted in raw sewage flowing into the river, was repaired on Friday.
Shellfish harvesters can return to site;
Shellfishers who use that part of the Hillsborough River to harvest mussels and quahogs are able to return to the river immediately.
They were forced off the water after the raw sewage entered the river from the treatment system.


Anonymous said...

The Hambly's have made many contributions to this community in many ways and should be applauded for same..but they are in business and make profit from their an outside casual observer and one who has experience or been exposed to "putting a media spin on things" Wayne's CBC interview was self serving and the CBC reporter was less than professional ..which happens quite a bit at that station because of it's smallness and this close knit community...They could have asked the the question Why..was their no properly trained personnel operating this "PRIVATE "plant?..Why..was it not registered after operating for 25 years?? How many others do they own??...Do you expect a claim for lost wages from the fishers because of your lack of compliance??...NO CBC picks on the little guys coming out of court ..or the grieving relatives right after a tragedy...that's another this cast Mr Hambly was instructed by somebody to say ..this is what happened,it was hidden we could not see it,here is what we are doing to fix it..and we have already sought engineering advice to hook up with the harbour sewage facility....this was all window dressing to prevent a law suit ...then when they get served with charges ..they will pay the $1000.00 fine asap..I would to..look I am a good corporate citizen....Also the minister Phillip Brown was quick to step in and say these plants will or must be registered asap...a political favour for a friend?? I use that river myself and was aghast to know that there was still an outfall at that point....anyway fix it... and learn from the experience...mistakes are made......

Anonymous said...

Regarding your own cottage, is it true that you fenced off the beach, added a parking lot in marshland and then added boulders on Tracadie Beach way past the high water mark on the beach itself obstructing people's use of the beach?