Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's The Old Saying... a few bricks short...

Well the PNP file appears to be coming full circle... originally Mr. MacEachern starts complaining to the media about the PNP program and why "because he didn't get any units" and so he gets hold of a private Government internal report from "dope head" and starts shooting his face off to the media... the media (most of whom got units) go crazy and can't wait to get the Auditor's Report and see the RCMP arrest somebody and I think they should now know who that might be... as the file seems to be going full circle... maybe they should move him off the Island...
Protester removed from legislature
The Guardian
Security was forced to remove a man from the public gallery at the P.E.I. legislature Tuesday after he started yelling at Island MLAs. Jim Bagnall, Opposition fisheries critic, was questioning Allan Campbell, the acting minister of Fisheries, on the state of the lobster fishery when the man started shouting. “When are you going to deliver on accountability? That’s what you promised when we elected you,” said Rob MacEachern of Priest Pond, in the eastern part of P.E.I. The public is not allowed to participate in the discussions from the public gallery. Speaker Kathleen Casey ordered security to remove the man, who continued to shout obscenities at the Liberal government, members of the media and Island business owners as he was escorted outside of the building. “This is not patronage house, this is the public’s house,” he said. “This party is out of order.” MacEachern has been a vocal critic of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). He shouted out the names of several high-profiled business owners who he said received PNP funds. “Everybody got millions on both sides and we’re not getting any answers from our elected officials,” MacEachern told reporters outside Province House.

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