Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Work Ronnie...

You have to give Ronnie credit... he certainly puts the practical and common sense approach forward and I noticed in the House this week it didn't take him to long to get his increased budget approved.... I must admit that when Ghiz originally gave him the Transportation portfolio I was a little sceptical that Ronnie would be able to handle that large of a Department especially one that requires a lot a dialogue with the other Members... obviously I was wrong as he is doing a great job and I doubt it if there is any member who works as hard... I'm hoping the Premier will now "sic" him on Ottawa and New Brunswick to fix and expand the roadways leading to Prince Edward Island to make it a little nicer and safer for our Tourists and fellow Islanders as they are in a horrible state.... go get them Ronnie…
Road repair to start early on P.E.I.
Friday, May 8, 2009
CBC News
Road work will begin on P.E.I. just after the Victoria Day weekend this year, three weeks earlier than normal.
Serious repairs cannot begin on highways until the weather is warm enough for paving. Asphalt plants have not typically opened until June, but Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley rose in the legislature Thursday to announce the plants would open earlier this year.
"As most Islanders already know, there's many potholes on the roads which left many roads in poor shape," said MacKinley.
"That's why I'm pleased to rise in the house to announce that road patch operations begin this year on May 19th, immediately after the long weekend."
MacKinley said the main highways are always first on the list for patching.


Anonymous said...


Improved access to the island appears to have been underway for a year or two. The road from St. Stephen to St. John looks like it is undergoing major expansion with multilane provisions, which should speed things up for the tourists. Don't know when it will be complete. The stretch of 95 in Woodstock is also getting an upgrade and the International Bridge crossing from Calais is also destined for a big improvement. The downside of this work is always the loss of business for those along the "old routes".

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Ronnie's budget isn't approved yet. better check again ....