Friday, May 8, 2009

Give Us A Break.... "and start sticking up for us"...

As I previously said I like Olive but she would certainly make a better leader for "The Bleeding Heart Society" than an Opposition leader... you would think Olive would be out there defending our Island, our Island Business people and our Government employees and setting the record straight when these bleeding heart immigrants start throwing foolish accusations around. There is no evidence to support the immigrant's accusations so why is Olive trying to give them some creditability and making Islanders look like "criminals, thieves, frauds and Pinocchio’s"... if PEI is getting a bad rap it's from all the foolishness coming out of Olive and Bagnall and the local media running with it... maybe they should start thinking about sticking up for our Island for a change.... and while they are at it maybe bring a few fresh ideas to the floor of the Legislature...
Immigrants shunning P.E.I. over investment scandal, Opposition says
Friday, May 8, 2009
CBC News
Disillusionment over the government's handling of an immigrant investor program is beginning to hurt P.E.I.'s reputation overseas, Opposition leader Olive Crane told MLAs Thursday.
"As an immigrant puts it," she said, reading a letter in question period, "Up until now we have no intentions to leave Prince Edward Island. However, much will depend on how Prince Edward Island will handle this scandal. As you can understand, we do not want to be part of a society in the knowledge that a part of our tax money is going to be used paying for criminals, thieves, frauds, and Pinocchios."
The Provincial Nominee Program has come under criticism from the province's auditor general for the sometimes ad hoc way investments were approved and the involvement of MLAs and civil servants. Canada Immigration worried about the quality of the companies approved to receive investment from potential immigrants.
Crane said it's important to highlight the faults with how PNP was managed, and it's equally critical to hear the voices of the people who have made P.E.I. their new home. Immigrants are spreading their disillusionment to their home countries, she said.
Potential immigrants told 'not to choose P.E.I.'
"A European family has told me that because of … what's happening on P.E.I., that they are no longer going to live here. But in addition to that, they have sent the word back home to a family from Europe who were going to emigrate here not to choose P.E.I. Choose any other place," she said.
Innovation Minister Alan Campbell, who is responsible for creating a new immigrant program, said he wants to hear all about the problems people have with the PNP.
"I would encourage any immigrant who has an issue with the program, Madame Speaker, to sit down with staff at [Island Investment Development Inc.] to have their issues resolved," he said.
Campbell said he has already received some great suggestions from immigrants and support groups, and he plans to incorporate many of those ideas into a new program.

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