Sunday, May 24, 2009

All About Nothing...

It's been about a year since I decided to take up "blogging" and I guess what really got me started was another blogger, Peter Rukavina had been writing some stories about me and my ambitious crusades to develop hideous box stores throughout the world and stamp out our heritage buildings along the way... I would occasionally hear about some of his posts but as I'm a bit illiterate I hadn't paid much attention to them until a business colleague suggested to me that I should have some of the stories pulled off Google as he had done a search on my name and the stories weren't complementary.... initially I was a little shocked at some of the his writings but more importantly was the fact that the first thing potential clients learned of me on the web were Peter's comments... so I decided to speak to my lawyer about his posts and his advice was to meet with him and try and ask him to be a little "fairer" with the comments... so I actually met him at Beans where we had what I thought was a reasonable conversation and I felt I had made some progress... but it wasn't long afterwards that he posted a picture of my Porsche SUV under a "no parking" sign down by the Delta which is a space I usually find very convenient when there are no others around... (and "yes" I have to pay the fine when I get a ticket)... along with the picture he posted the ownership and the value of the SUV, etc... within days I had gotten quite a few calls about the picture as people thought it was funny as it displayed my arrogance quite nicely and it soon made the email circuit... I didn't think it was that funny as he was "picking" on me again... but until then I hadn't realised just what blogging was all about and just how powerful a tool it was as a social media... it wasn't long after Peter's picture post that a client pointed out to me that my "image" was taking a beating... well a few days later I "ran" into Peter at Beans and I expressed my opinion that "you think you're pretty f**king funny" and some coffee spilt and the next thing it was an "assault" but more on the English language than in person... believe me when I say I was brought up in the West-end of Summerside and if I was going to assault him he wouldn't have been typing up his drivel anytime soon... and really that's what this McEachern/Currie story is all about... "nothing" and there is a video tape that proves that...
Crown won't have videotape of Currie confrontation
The Guardian
Charlottetown police have finished their investigation into the recent confrontation involving MLA Mike Currie in front of Province House, but the Crown will not have any video evidence to help in deciding whether charges should be laid. That’s because, although two types of footage were seized, not one successfully captured the actual alleged incident. Currie is alleged to have grabbed Rob McEachern in the face and chest after McEachern asked whether Currie’s wife had benefited from the Provincial Nominee Program. McEachern has been a vocal opponent of the administration of this program for months. He applied for but was denied PNP funds. McEachern filed a complaint with police almost immediately after the alleged incident took place outside the legislature on May 6. Police used a warrant to seize a video from CBC, which showed some footage of the confrontation between the two men. But the camera operator was not filming when the alleged incident actually took place. He captured only the two men exchanging heated words right after the confrontation occured. Charlottetown police also executed a search warrant to seize the hard drive of surveillance footage from Province House, Charlottetown Deputy Police Chief Richard Collins told The Guardian Thursday. But for some unexplained reason, that hard drive was no help.“We got the hard drive, we could not retrieve the images to the quality or to the point where they offered anything to us,” Collins said.

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