Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big Mistake Mike...

As soon as I heard this story I knew Mike made a Big Mistake in my opinion as he hadn't hit him hard enough... now that may seem a little crass but it's easy to get frustrated... just Friday night I was watching Compass and Olive Baby was shooting her mouth off about whether or not a certain bureaucrat’s family and friends (and I could just happen to be that friend she was talking about) had got PNP's and implying that there was something wrong with that... I'm glad I had the weekend to cool down... so I certainly know how Mike felt when "crazies" start making allegations about family and friends without any substance... and these "crazies" always seem to be "saints" themselves which makes me wonder if we'd have ever heard of Mr. MacEachern had he gotten the PNP's he had applied for... and it's funny that Olive gets a contract from Holland College a few weeks after she becomes a MLA (wink, wink) something she was also looking for if she ran for the liberals... "so no conflicts there Olive"... but I still like your style Mike...
P.E.I. MLA accused of assault

Assault complaint made
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
CBC News
A man questioning MLAs regarding their involvement in an immigrant investor fund as they entered the P.E.I. legislature Wednesday got into an altercation with an opposition member.
Rob MacEachern was asking each member whether they received money from the provincial nominee program (PNP). MacEachern alleges Tory MLA Mike Currie walked over to MacEachern and pushed him after Currie was asked whether his wife participated in the PNP.
MacEachern said he filed an assault complaint with Charlottetown police.
"He backed out of the door, he said, 'What did you say, you son of a bitch?' He came charging down the stairs, dropped his briefcase on the stairs. Took a full run at me. Grabbed me by the face and the chest, and said, 'You son of a bitch. You don't talk about my wife,'" MacEachern said as he described the incident to reporters at Province House.
It was the second day in a row MacEachern was involved in a disruption at Province House. On Tuesday, he was ejected from the gallery after he started shouting to members below about how the PNP was run.
Currie, a former development minister who was in charge of the PNP under the previous Tory administration, refused to comment on whether he actually assaulted MacEachern. Currie did say he "confronted" MacEachern about how inappropriate it was to ask about his wife.
"I confronted the individual and I told him that the family is off-limits and that's it," Currie told reporters.
Over the past few weeks in the legislature, Opposition Leader Olive Crane has asked MLAs about their families and possible involvement in the provincial nominee program.
Currie said this was different because he has already stated publicly that neither he nor any of his family members ever participated in the program.
Earlier this spring, provincial auditor general Colin Younker criticized the program for approving transactions in an ad hoc manner, and said there was an appearance of conflict of interest in some deputy ministers receiving money from the immigrant investor fund.


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Greenwich, PNP...when will it stop?

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Well it looks like someone got their batteries recharged. Go Tim, Go.

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I Support Mr.McEachern. Watch this: