Monday, May 25, 2009

Hard To Believe... we didn't give them "enough"...

Well here's a story that I find hard to believe... Mr. McEachern represents a company that gets $800,000.00 in PNP's and they never start up... so he's now out trying to make a fool of the people who ran the program... I guess they didn't get "enough" money but we've certainly had "enough of him"... you have to listen to this story from CBC by clicking here investigates the connection .....funny the Guardian didn't have anything on this story.... awe, maybe Olive could recruit him as one of her "merry" men as I understand there is a rift between her and some of her Caucus....
PNP protester has long history with immigrant investor scheme
Last Updated: Friday, May 22, 2009
CBC News
A CBC investigation has found a connection between P.E.I. Provincial Nominee Program protester Rob McEachern and a company that received money through the program in 2003.
McEachern could be found outside province house during most of the spring session, complaining to MLAs about the program, and asking if they had accepted money from the program. An encounter with Progressive Conservative MLA Mike Currie led McEachern to complain to police that the MLA had assaulted him.
Now, a CBC investigation has uncovered a connection between McEachern and the program.
MDMI, a British Columbia company, set up a branch office on P.E.I. in 2003 with Rob McEachern as the general manager. It was supposed to manufacture a medical device called the Thermablate EAS to deal with heavy menstrual bleeding. The branch office received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the PNP, but closed a few months later without ever manufacturing anything on the Island.
Listen here as Barbara Taylor investigates the connection for CBC Radio's Island Morning.

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