Saturday, May 2, 2009

Olive and the Beaver... sometimes you just have to suck it up...

Back when I was President of the Liberal Party Olive Crane came to my office to discuss running for the Liberals in District 7 Morell. I was quite excited about the possibilities as I had known about her work at the Vet College as I was on the AVC Inc. Board and she certainly had some great credentials. She was a bit naive at our meeting as one of her concerns was making sure that Larry McGuire wouldn't put his name forward at the nomination meeting if she decided to take a run at it for us... and that my friends would have been a miracle in itself. We all know the rest of the story and we've all had a chance to see Olive in action as a MLA and for the most part she has done a great job but obviously on the "Beaver" issue she has completely lost her mind... what possible good is there in bringing a 30 year old matter up in the house that will in the end only embarrass our Province in the National media... how about a few Ideas for Islanders… I understand the likes of Jim Bagnall shooting his mouth off about it as he just doesn’t know any better but I would have expected Olive to at least understand that she is making a laughing stock of our Legislature... she just doesn't seem to know when to "let an issue go" and that's quite evident with the PNP's as there has been a long line up of well healed Tories who have tried to "shut her up" (and that’s the common quote I hear)… she doesn't seem to understand that she needs them if she ever thinks she can go any further in the Tory party... just ask Pat Mella... if most of the guys working around Mike Currie when he ran the PNP program were scooping up PNP’s just think of the number of “well connected and well healed Tory supporters” who were recipients’ during Mike’s reign and they DON’T LIKE ANY MEDIA ATTENTION…. so I'm thinking Olive is "toast" at the next leadership review unless she starts towing the Tory line...and that would be too bad... Olive, sometimes you just have to suck it up.....
Brown won't apologize for blowing up beaver dams
The Guardian
An admission by P.E.I.’s Environment minister that he used dynamite to blow up beaver dams when he was in his 20s has the Opposition demanding an apology. But Environment Minister Richard Brown fired back, saying the Opposition was making a mockery of the P.E.I. legislature. He went on to say that no beavers were hurt by his work, adding they had all been removed before he used the dynamite. “Our office has been getting calls all day from environmentalists, and national (animal) rights groups from all across the province, and all across the country, who have heard this comment,” Jim Bagnall said during question period Thursday. “That the minister of Environment has been bragging about crisscrossing our gentle Island and blowing up beavers, which is our national symbol. “Will the minister stand in this house today and give a public apology to all Islanders for those types of comments.’’ That exchange only prompted more fireworks inside the legislature. “I take offence to that,” Brown replied. “This legislature is here to debate and discuss things and it’s a serious issue. The question was posed to me about this problem, the overpopulation of beavers and the problems they are causing in Island rivers. If this Opposition doesn’t want open and frank debate, if they want to make a mockery of this thing, then they can do it.” The Guardian was the first to tell Islanders about the jaw dropping exchange in the legislature earlier this week. As outlined in Thursday’s newspaper, Brown admitted to using dynamite to blow up beaver dams. He had a permit, but the idea of the Environment minister blowing up dams shocked other MLAs, including Opposition Leader Olive Crane. Brown said Thursday the point he was trying to make is that times have changed and what was acceptable 30 years ago is no longer tolerated. “No, not the sins of the past,” said Brown, responding to a heckler. “That’s the way things were done in the past. Thirty years ago, this was acceptable. It’s not acceptable today.” But Bagnall said it’s time for the province to put more humane practices in place. “Would you please come up with a more humane and compassionate way to remove the beavers rather than blowing them up?” said Bagnall. Brown said that’s already happened. He said beaver dams are now being removed by the P.E.I. Trappers Association using the most humane methods possible. “I didn’t hurt any beavers in my life,” added Brown.


Anonymous said...

A couple of things Tim:

1. The reason Olive will be successful (and the reason the Liberals are trying to find dirt on her) is because she will not listen to those old Tory's on the PNP issue. That is why the PC members are excited about her.

2. That Beaver comment by Brown wasn't during Question period or anything, it happened during a funny moment when they talked about the budget. If you listen to the audio on the Guardian website, both Crane and Brown were laughing. Bagnall brought it back up, as might be expected by him.

So trying to blame her for this is laughable at best. get your facts straight Tim.

Steve L. said...

Ummm, that story was all about Bagnall, not Crane.

And Brown should have known better.

Farmer said...

Crane is focused on the abuse of the PNP program. I heard Nancy Key on the radio the other day saying the PC's were backing off. HA! She only wishes they were backing off. She must be part of the back room club. Anyone paying attention the House has seen Olive Crane and the Opposition going after this horrid file. Keep up the good work Mrs. Crane. And welcome back to the blog world Mr. banks.

Anonymous said...

Yes Tim I was wondering. I had heard Ghiz had told you to lay off and was surprised you were bowing down to baby Ghiz.

Yes..this is just another example of Brown not knowing when silence is golden.

he really dug himself a hole with this. But this is typical of Brwon. Similar to when he stood up and said in regards to improper behavior with PNP that the "buck stopped with him".

Brown like the rest of PEI didn't know just how filthy and seedy the whole PNP file really is and he didn't know enough to keep his mouth shut.

Brown i thought could maybe be replacement for Ghiz because Ghiz will have to go before the next election. But with this latest muck up by Brown they will have to look further for a new Leader.

Too bad because even though for his short comings I always thought Brown was if nothing else genuinely Sincere and Honest. Honesty is trait that is in short amounts if the Liberal Party these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim..You were gone too long. Brown dug his own hole. I have had this sent to me from all over Canada and US. We are becoming more of a laughing stock than ever. Guess it's the "Island Way".

Anonymous said...

It's not the Island Way, it's the Liberal Way...fools!