Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spicing Up The Ratings.... the old fashion TV way..

She's got the bodyguard and he's sporting a couple of college co-eds... well so much for this seasons diaper sizzle... I never really got what this show was all about but the Princess often taped it so as part of my marital duties (and the good sport I am) I occasionally "suffered" through it with her... thinking maybe the Princess would reciprocate and join me for a Law and Order or something with a car chase... now that they've added some "spice" maybe this season's new episodes could get interesting after they put the "kids" to bed... hey Jon, how about a car chase too...
'Jon & Kate' spouses say they’re angry at media
The Associated Press
NEW YORK — Reality TV co-stars Jon and Kate Gosselin say they’re struggling with their marriage and they’re angry at the media intruding in their lives. The Gosselins and their eight children returned Monday on a new season of the TLC series “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” But the daily challenges of a super-size family lately have been overshadowed by reports of infidelity. Both spouses deny cheating. On the season premiere, Jon says he hates the media storm, while Kate says it kills her to see the tabloid stories attacking them. But Kate sadly acknowledges she and Jon have grown apart.

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Anonymous said...

" they’re angry at the media intruding in their lives"

ummm hello i think they INVITED the media into their lives when they decided to whore out their family for $$.......THIS is why i don't watch Reality Crap