Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Are They Smokin' Over There..

Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder... out pops the Mayor again with this foolish notion of a Yacht Club for Stratford... surely someone close to him would explain that you have to have water to float a boat... and there is also the question of money... these guys got snookered into spending $200,000.00 for a "Downtown Disney Plan" that would easily cost $50,000,000.00 to build and I'm pretty sure there are a lot more important things to do with taxpayers money than spend it on a bunch of boat owners... Good God In Heaven... please drop a little common sense on this "crew"... as I think they're smokin' seaweed...
Stratford yacht club could fill future need: mayor
Thursday, February 12, 2009
CBC News
The Town of Stratford is in preliminary discussions to build a yacht club on its side of Charlottetown harbour.
The community's waterfront plan mentions the possibility of a marina or yacht club in the future, and Mayor Kevin Jenkins updated town council Wednesday on discussions last month with Wellington Gay of the Charlottetown Yacht Club.
Jenkins said there are advantages to Stratford having its own marina.
"Not being a yachtsman, I can only repeat what I've heard in terms of shelter from the wind, of tides, wave action, those kinds of things," he said.
"There are some natural features to the Stratford side of the harbour that offer some advantages."
A 100-berth marina was in the recommendations contained in a detailed study on the future of the town. The report, released about a year ago, said it could cost $5 million to build.
Need for more slips in the future
The Charlottetown Yacht Club is looking at relocating up towards the mouth of the Hillsborough River. The Stratford study said even with the expansion across the harbour there will be a future need for 60 to 70 more slips.
Jenkins sees a Stratford marina as helping, rather than hurting, the Charlottetown club.
"That's why we invited a member [of the Charlottetown Yacht Club] in to talk about it, to keep this a complementary project," he said.
Jenkins said if the new marina goes ahead it would likely be located near the Stratford Towers condominium project.
He won't commit to a timeline for the project, but the development plan for the town suggests it would take a little more than two years to complete.

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Anonymous said...

Relax, big guy. I think a marina is an excellent fit on the waterfront. What are your suggestions for positive development? It's easy to be destructive ..... think positive!!