Thursday, February 5, 2009

Come on Ronnie... here's your chance...

In a previous blog I suggested winter tires should be mandatory and our Governments should come up with some type of tax credit for lower income people to help with the cost of installing them. It's now law in Quebec and there is no reason why we shouldn't follow suit especially in commercial vehicles such as taxis and rentals... on my way home from Halifax during Wednesday's storm there were a number of vehicles off the road more particularly before the Halifax airport exit and they sure looked like rental cars to me... here's a great opportunity for Mr. MacKinley to make our highways safer and while he's at it he should also "demand" the banning of cell phones while driving...
Taxis should be required to have winter tires: coroner
Thursday, February 5, 2009
CBC News
All cabs should be prepared for winter conditions with snow tires, says P.E.I.'s chief coroner, but neither the province nor cab companies make it a requirement.
Quebec brought in legislation this year requiring vehicles to be fitted with winter tires, but P.E.I. has no plans for similar legislation.
Chief coroner Charles Trainor told CBC News Wednesday that for safety reasons taxis should be equipped with the tires.
"It's very important for taxi cabs if they're going to be driving around in the snow conditions, that they are able to get through," said Trainor.
None of Charlottetown's three major taxi companies require their drivers to have winter tires on their cars.
City Cab owner Joe Corrigan said it's up to his drivers to put on the winter tires, and most of them do. But he said there is no policy, and no one inspects the cars.
Cal Joslin of Co-op Taxi Line said the company has no policy, but drivers are encouraged to install them.
"It's common sense. Put snow tires on the car, front and rear," said Joslin.
"We don't really inspect for them, but if I saw a car that didn't have them on I'd certainly bring up the issue with them."
Yellow Cab owner Kirby Eldershaw said he may consider making winter tires mandatory for his drivers next year.

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Anonymous said...

I agree , we all should be using winter tires . Perhaps the Gov't could compensate by way of a lower vehicle registration rate for everyone . That would be a start or an Income Tax credit .