Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IRAC... a thorn in the side of progress...

I opened the Guardian today and seen an advertisement calling on Islanders for a "Public Consultations on the role of IRAC" and I was quite excited until I read the fine they are only looking for feedback on “the Commission's overall role in serving Islanders’ interests in the areas of energy costs and rent increases" and they left everything else out... if they are going to do a review why not a full review? So I fired off the following email to the Chair, Robert Henderson asking to have the Public Consultation expanded to include all aspects of IRAC's role in serving the public... now I expect Robbie to come back with some wishy-washy reply that will acknowledge that the Committee can't really stop what people are about to say but that doesn't really provoke people to show up and comment on anything beyond "energy and rent costs"... don't get me wrong as I believe these are important issues but there is a hell of a lot more "broken" with the IRAC process and the Government should be calling for more.... they had a "Red Tape Review" in 1996 and I've attached a copy of my presentation back then /REDTAPE%20REVIEW.PDF and if you take a look through it you'll see not much has changed... but there is always that eternal hope…

From: Tim Banks
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 10:34 AM
To: Robert Henderson
Cc:; Hon. Allan Campbell; Hon. Carolyn Bertram
Subject: Role of IRAC

Mr. Henderson,

Why stop at “energy and rent increases”? Why not ask for a full review of IRAC as this “red tape regime” is clearly the leading agency stifling Islanders from moving ahead in their everyday lives and choking our economy. You are the Chair of the Standing Committee on Community Affairs and Economic Development and you have in front of you the opportunity to really hear what Islanders think but if you limit the hearings to only “energy and rent increases” then you’re not looking after the Economic Development interests of Islanders.

I have attached a presentation I made 12 years ago to a “red tape review” standing committee and I would like the opportunity to present an updated version which will clearly demonstrate that not much has changed and Prince Edward Island’s economy is still being “set back” by IRAC.

Can you please confirm that you will allow Islanders the opportunity to expand their comments on the role of Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission and schedule me a time to make a formal presentation to your committee?

Thank You


Anonymous said...

deja vu all over again?

Anonymous said...

Gee, you don't expect them to open up a whole kettle of worms do you? This looks like "window dressing" making the public feel they have input, but then really nothing will change. Hold their feet to the fire, let them show some documented accountability. Go get em'!