Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time To Move On....

I don't know what this is all about but it seems just when things start moving ahead in the Town they're not happy unless there is some public controversy going on... I believe Montague has a great chance to move ahead even through these tough economic times but Council has to put a "public" end to the squabbling... surely they can work these issues behind closed doors for the betterment of their Community...
Montague council Wednesday requests special meeting with mayor
The Guardian
MONTAGUE – A united town council has delivered a letter to Mayor Pat McGowan requesting a special in-camera meeting Thursday to help break the stalemate that saw the regular council meeting end this week in a stormy adjournment.“No one wants her to walk the plank, we just want to hash out some issues in private so we can reunite as a productive council,’’ said Coun. Peter Doucette. “There are obviously some problems that need to be aired.”A municipal mutiny took place 20 minutes into the monthly council meeting Tuesday when the Mayor was once again asked to apologize for failing to allow rookie councillor Janice Taylor the opportunity to introduce a motion at the January meeting. Taylor tried again Tuesday night - armed with a validation letter she sought from the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs - but was once again denied.“Don’t hold your breath,’’ offered the Mayor. “This is a personal vendetta.”That’s when Taylor requested an adjournment, the entire council concurred, and all six elected officials gradually left the building.“We all agreed that it had to be a united effort and everyone agreed to back the adjournment of the meeting and deal with the issue,” said Taylor.The Mayor is being challenged for ignoring municipal protocols and all councillors signed the special meeting letter for 7 p.m. a town hall. The letter was delivered to the Mayor following Tuesday night’s meeting requesting the special session but it is unclear on the outcome. While a council can initiate a special meeting, only a Mayor can approve it.

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