Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Want, Want, do you say that in french..

Gee... I was watching this guy on Compass tonight and I "think" he was telling us that we had to build him a new Cultural Centre because a bunch of Supreme Court Justices said we had to build him a school.... surely why not a new Wellness Centre to boot... and what about a library building... my money's on the Province fighting them in court...
French language school board asks province to reconsider cultural centre funding

The Guardian
Asserting that the community of Rustico has a right to a cultural centre as well as a school, French Language School Board officials want the province to reconsider funding a Rustico French cultural centre. Currently, the French-language school in this area is run out of the Cymbria Lions Club. This was established as a pilot several years ago and was only supposed to be a temporary home for the school. Enrolments at the school have been increasing and the French School Board has been pushing for a new building for French education in the community. Last December, the province answered those requests, committing $2.6 million for a new school in Rustico. But, despite requests for a cultural centre alongside the school, as is the case for École François Buote in Charlottetown, the province has said the Lions Club can be used for that purpose. French School Board Superintendent Gilles Benoit says this is not acceptable. “First of all it’s a constitutional right, but most important is for the French language minority it’s important that there’s a community part that goes with the school,” Benoit said. “It’s activities and living in French that complete the education of French minority language students.” A Supreme Court decision in the year 2000 gave francophones the constitutional right to be educated in their own language in their own community. Section 23 of that decision also establishes a close link between language, culture and education. Benoit said the board wants to meet with Premier Robert Ghiz, Education Minister Gerard Greenan and Communities, Cultural Affairs Minister Carolyn Bertram to show them this Supreme Court decision that favours their request for a cultural centre to be part of the Rustico French school. “There’s a community here saying ‘We want to be able to have our own activities in a place of our own where we provide activities with kids and a French life,” Benoit said. He also pointed out the Supreme Court decision gives French school boards the authority to make the cultural as well as the educational decisions for minority French communities. “For the board, it’s not a matter of asking ‘Are you going to do it?’ They have to do it. But how we’re going to make that clear to the government – that’s another question.” When asked if he plans to seek legal action on the issue, Benoit said he’s not ruling it out. “We hope it won’t have to come to that. I think that Premier Ghiz will see that minority French speaking Islanders have rights and I can’t see why he would deny that right at this point.”

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you so open-minded and liberal on one of the Liberal Party's great touchstone issues - and one on which the Binns government go taken to the Supreme Court - and lost.

And generally speaking, I like to see a school have a library. Yep, seems a pretty good idea to me.

Be no fuss at all if the Cymbria Lions were actually acting in accordance with their charter.