Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Smell A Mayor's Job Opening Up.....unless he tones down his demands

O.K. .... I was a little harsh in the post below and I owe Kevin an apology... simple put he was brave enough to put his name out there and ran for politics and it's a pretty thankless job... everyone wants everything and in the case below it appears that 50 to 60 families want the rest of us to deliver up a couple of new schools and that's where I have the problem... who do they think should pay for them and if they want a school so bad then they should get themselves elected to the school board and deal with at that level... proving the demand to the school board instead of showing up and grand standing for CBC... and for Kevin there is probably nothing wrong with supporting everyone but he should pick his issues on what his Community really want as the majority turned down a new school during the last Provincial election when the Tories tried to "buy the seat" with one...
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I Smell A Mayor's Job Opening Up..... if he doesn't start picking sensible issues and dealing with "today's economic reality"....
Just think about it...when Stratford gets those three big shinny eight storey condo towers, a new $50,000,000.00 Disney Downtown, a new high school, a new yacht club, a new junior high school, a new waste treatment facility, a new museum and soon enough you'll have a City.... they could then get a new "City Chain's of Office" (livery collar) like the one Basil sports around in Summerside....(the one in the "pic" went for $496,501. US dollars at a recent Christie's Auction).... it probably wouldn't hurt to install a few sidewalks and maybe the odd street light if there is any "coin" left over... here we have real people with real issues meeting to discuss ways to prevent their Communities from losing their schools and this Stratford School Crowd shows up demanding two new ones... clearly they don't grasp what happened to the last crowd that were going to "give away a new school".... the good people of Stratford voted them out and I suspect that is where Mr. Jenkins and some of Council will be will be after the next election if they don't start toning down their demands and living in today’s economic demands.... they "jacked" the price of owning a dog up to Toronto rates... awe the benefits of big City life.... taxes, taxes, taxes..
Bus rides too long for some Stratford students, mayor says
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
CBC News
More than 200 people turned up for the second meeting on possible school closures in P.E.I.'s Eastern School District, but this time building a new school was high on the agenda.
The district is looking at closing 11 of its 43 schools to deal with declining enrolment, but half the presentations at Tuesday night's meeting at Charlottetown Rural High School were arguments in favour of new schools in Stratford.
Most of the other discussion was concerned with Grand Tracadie Elementary, north of Charlottetown, which has just 30 students and is threatened with closure.
But while declining enrolments could shut down schools such as Grand Tracadie, Glen Stewart in Stratford is overflowing. The report recommending school closures also recommends a new school for elementary student in the town.
Mayor Kevin Jenkins made a plea for a junior high and a high school in the town. Currently kids are bused across the Hillsborough bridge to city schools.
"Some parents are reporting travel time of over one hour from Stone Park" said Jenkins.
"This extends the school day without bringing in any educational benefit, leaving less time for homework and after-school programs."
High schools not needed
While district superintendent Sandy Macdonald has expressed sympathy regarding long bus rides, suggesting the district implement a policy putting a cap on busing times, he does not support a new junior high or high school.
"The closest junior high school is just over a kilometre and a half away, so until that's fully utilized, you'll have a tough time convincing me we need a junior high school in Stratford," he said.
The next public consutation meeting will be held Tuesday at Colonel Gray in Charlottetown, giving parents from St. Jean and Parkdale, the two city schools slated to close, a chance to voice their concerns.

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