Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lesson time... time and time again...

Don't tell anyone but I'm pretty sure it was the Princess on the tractor joy ride and now that I see that the APM sign was smashed over... it has got to be her and what I want to know is where did she get the tractor?... I'm thinking Ronnie as he was at the "market" early Saturday morning and he seemed quite chipper and not a word on the missing tractor... I bought him a coffee and we talked about the great job he did on Compass the night before talking about all the highway resurfacing the Liberals were up to... if only a few of the folks around the Premier's office would take a lesson from Ronnie on how to get the good messages out... as it quite obvious they seem to be having trouble managing some positive PR... the thing about Ronnie is that he has always had some good old "grass root" voter instincts and has a knack for telling it like it is ... he could very well have been the guy on the tractor in the following story... and if he ever got caught he'd figure out some way of turning the tables on the media to give everyone the impression he was doing it for a good reason... and that's how you get re-elected, time and time again... and some of his other Government members should consider taking a few lessons from Ronnie....
RCMP seek errant tractor driver
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
CBC News
RCMP are looking for the driver of a tractor that caused damage around the town hall in Cornwall, just west of Charlottetown.
Police said they received a complaint early Saturday morning about a tractor being driven erratically along Lowther Drive in Cornwall. They investigated and discovered the damage.
"Someone in a vehicle came in off Lowther Drive and drove over the APM sign and then proceeded towards the town hall," town administrator Kevin McCarville told CBC News Monday.
"Drove into a guardrail, snapped it off the posts, proceeded over towards the town hall and ran over a tree and ran over the fenced-in area where we keep our garbage."
RCMP are asking anyone with information about the vandalism to call their local detachment or Crime Stoppers.

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