Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What about a few ideas...

Awe Mr. Bagnall....maybe the money when to bail out some of the previous Tory projects like the Beef plant, the Hog plant, Atlantic Technology Centre, etc..... It's a funny thing but the last 5 years the Binns Government's was in power our Province experienced the most prosperous economic times in a 100 years and the Binns' Government never paid .25 cents against our Provincial debt. The current three members of the opposition were part of that Government and it's a little hard to show them any creditability when they start criticizing the current numbers... why can't we expect a few fresh ideas or suggestions from the Opposition or do they have any...
P.E.I. should be in surplus, says Opposition
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
CBC News
The P.E.I. government is winning no applause from the Progressive Conservatives for its announcement Monday that the 2007-08 budget deficit has been dramatically reduced.
The government said what was expected to be a $42 million deficit now stands at $3.6 million. But finance critic Jim Bagnall notes the previous Tory government had projected a $2.1 million surplus for that fiscal year.
"We questioned his figures from day one on having a deficit," Bagnall told CBC News on Tuesday.
"The first year that they were in government they did nothing but cancel and cancel and cancel projects, and capital expenditures. I'm surprised it's only this much because the Montague High school was $22 million: it was cancelled the first year. The artifactory was cancelled and capital highway projects were cancelled."
Bagnall said federal transfer payments to the province last year were the highest ever received. With all the cancelled projects and higher transfer payments, he believes the province should be in surplus, and he wonders where all the money went.

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