Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Stormy" future for Jobs... roll up the RIM..

Steve Jobs may be stepping aside from Apple for health reasons and this gives the marketplace an opportunity to punish Apple shares which were down again today to $83 after reaching $192 earlier this year... now some may think it's because Jobs is no longer around... but there is a "Storm" a brewing... and I got one... yes just after Xmas I got the new Blackberry "Storm" and it ain't no sissy art deco piece of "snobbery" like the Iphone... snobby... let's go back about a little over a year ago when I headed into an Apple store in Boston to pick up the much touted Iphone.... a really cool store sleekly laid out with all kinds of interesting gadgets and very, very busy... so when I finally got one of the young "urban looking" kids to wait on me he said "sorry" fresh out... and maybe a blood test and we'll give you one... yeah lots of hype but no delivery and when I finally got to test one out I must admit it was cool but a little slow on the browser and it seemed to "drop" a lot of calls but that could have been the service provider... after some consideration I decided to "wait it out" and see what Blackberry was going to come out with... well the wait is over... and the Blackberry "Storm" is going to Kick Ass with the business user... now I'm not going to say the Storm is way ahead of the Iphone but here's the math... Apple was down about 3% again today and Blackberry RIM was up 9.2 % and if that ain't Ass Kicking I don't know what is... on another note I kind of feel for Mr. Jobs as it appears he and I have something in common....
Apple stock retreats as Jobs takes medical leave
Thursday, January 15, 2009
CBC News
Apple 3-month Nasdaq chart
Shares of Apple Inc. retreated on Thursday, a day after company CEO Steven Jobs said he was taking a leave of absence until June due to health issues.
Apple's stock finished down $1.95 at $83.38 after earlier getting as low as $80.05.
Jobs, 53, told employees in a letter last week that he was suffering dramatic weight loss due to a hormone deficiency. He said at the time he had begun treating the condition and wished to remain at his post.
But in an email to Apple employees on Wednesday, Jobs said his current health issues are more complex than he thought.
The New York Times, citing two unnamed sources, said Jobs is not suffering from cancer, but from a condition in which his body has difficulty absorbing food.
Jobs is being replaced by Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook. Jobs said he will remain involved in major strategic decisions.
In the wake of the Jobs announcement, RBC Capital Markets cut its rating on Apple's stock to "underperform" from "sector perform." RBC also cut its price target on the stock back to $70 US from $125 US.

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