Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Congratulations Again, Mary Jean...

Here's proof again that the Irving’s are very important to our economy, they invest, they create jobs, they build a tax base... they do all the things a good corporate citizen should be doing and they do it in spades... and by the end of the week "the don't get ahead gang" will be in full force trying to shoot down the project. Mary Jean started this business from the ground and she has put a lot of personal efforts into the business and it must be very exciting for her to see it grow to this level... a week hardly goes by that I'm not on my way back and forth to Halifax and I always notice a pile of vehicles at the Borden plant no matter what time of day or night... these are great jobs for our Province and I'm grad our Government is showing their support.. Kudos to Mary Jean and all her staff... keep up the great work...
Master Packaging Inc. in Borden is expanding
The Guardian
An invitation has been sent to media today, announcing a press conference tomorrow when expansion plans to the Master Packaging plant will be unveiled. The press release says:
"Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, January 13, 2009 – Allan Campbell, Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning, and Mary Jean Irving, CEO of Master Packaging Inc., invite members of the media to a press conference at Master Packaging Inc. in Borden, Prince Edward Island, Wednesday January, 14, 2009 at 11 a.m. to hear details of a plant expansion. A tour of the plant will follow the announcement."

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