Friday, January 16, 2009

Speaking of smelt shacks... I think it was a "Hab"..

I was watching the Gentleman on Compass tonight with the "Leafs" jacket and I couldn't help but think I might have figured out this caper......
it was probably a Habs fan and thank God I have an alibi as I'm home with the flu and if you don't believe me just ask the Princess as she's ready to throw me out... on a more serious note there is just too much of this kind of senseless destruction happening in our communities these days and the quicker people come forward with information the better... on a lighter note one of my Hab buddies from Summerside sent me an email early last Sunday morning after the Habs put a pounding on the Leafs and since there was some "shack" talk in it I though I might share it with you but please don't burn my blog... and to prove I'm a good sport I'll mail this Gentleman $20 on behalf of all Hab fans to help rebuild...

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I was listening to Ocean 100 on Friday morning. The sports news highlighted
the Habs as "raking" the Leafs. Personally I thought that was a little
harsh. It just doesn't seem fair to kick them when they're down. They will
be fair game when they become competitive again....not sure if you & I will
see it in our life time. You got to admire the optimism of those Leaf fans.

GO HABS GO. PS another win last night. Ho hum.

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I'm glad Wilson had a sit down with the team Friday and asked the "veterans" to show up... problem was the poor lad thought he had real NHL'ers but as it turns out he would have trouble finding a "veteran Pee Wee" on that team... look up "losers" in the dictionary as they have a picture of the current Leaf Team and you couldn't find a hockey player amongst them...

John if they have any more room left in the Summerside Harbour let me know and I'll send a bus up to Toronto and fetch a bunch of Leafs down for some "smelt" fishing as that is about the only thing those clowns could do on the ice with a stick and they would need to be in a "shack" to do it as they couldn't figure out anything in front of a crowd... it would be great for Summerside's new furniture store as there would be a run on lazy-boy chairs...

The only two issues would be that you couldn't really leave a Leaf team member in a shack alone as he may try to "tie his skates" and fall through the fishing hole... the other issue would be these lads like to head out for golf early in the year and they may have a little trouble managing their way across the "ice cakes" to find the course as they can't even make their way across the blue line on a hard patch of ice...


Investigators suspect arson cause of smelt shack fire
The Guardian
Investigation by the RCMP and Canadian Coast Guard is ongoing in a fire that destroyed a smelt shack on the bank of the Hillsborough River in East Royalty occurring the night of Jan. 14. Bill Murray, the owner of the shack, said it is likely an act of random vandalism, considering there were a number of ski-do tracks in the area and because a similar thing occurred last year. "They must have been out partying for the night and burned it down before they left." Last year, a couple of the shacks in the area, with different owners, were damaged as a result of gunshots but there were no suspects charged. The shack was one of nine smelt shacks in the area and he is hoping by getting the word out, more people will be aware of the problem, Murray said. "We just wanted to make the public aware." The problem could have been much worse as the shacks usually have a propane tank in them but the one in Murray's was being filled at the time. "They're lucky the propane tank wasn't in there, it could have been much worse." He has plans to rebuild the smelt shack with the help of friends and has received support from his community, Murray said. "It's amazing how the local community gets together to help out." The Canadian Coast Guard has stepped up patrols to help combat the problem.

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