Monday, January 5, 2009

"Some Nice Juicy Sex"... you say...

Here's what a Guardian reader had to say about the the Nominee program being the Guardian's News Story of the Year For 2008 .... the writer didn't think much of it..
wondering about it from pei writes: (from the Guardian comments Dec. 30th)
Must be a slow news year when a program that can't seem to be grasped and understood by the media becomes the top story. I am wondering as this tale of speculation and rumour continues to be spun, how long until some nice juicy sex can be woven in with money, greed and abuse of power to turn the saga into a complete work of fiction. There are many things about the program that smell because in reality it is simply a 21st century version of the old Chinese head tax that is in place in all Provinces. If you think the PEI version is bad, you better put on a noseplug before you look at the grand daddy of them all, the Quebec version. Remember, its the intermediaries that make the connections between the immigrant investor and Companies. Once a Company qualified for units they went to the intermediaries to make the match. The role of Government was to carry out the administration of the program, qualify the Companies according to preset qualifications and determine if the immigrant met the conditions to participate. The real questions you have to ask are these, did any politician instruct staff or intermediaries to provide investors for particular Companies or did any politician have staff ignore rules that would have disqualified a Company. Anything beyond that like 'who got units etc, is only tidbit fishing to satisfy curiousities and so long as rules were followed by Companies it is not the publics business and there is no right to know because no public funds are involved. Intermediaries or agents can do whatever they want and could supply an immigrant to whoever they wanted to as long as the Company qualified, they are private business people and conformed to the rules before them. And it is no ones business what they do as long as they operate within the rules. When the dust settles it will be evident it was the best best development program the Feds ever had, didn't cost the taxpayers anything, the immigrants were happy to participate and many island businesses will be able to weather the current financial downturn because of it. Remember, this is a Federal Program, not Provincial, the Province only provided the administration for them but the Feds made the rules. Its a story more fit for the National Enquirer, than the National Post, but I guess when there are no Watergates to cover we readers will have to settle for Woman 104 Gives Birth to Alien Twins , its so much more fun.

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