Thursday, January 29, 2009

Basil... you're slipping....

I can't believe it... last week a 12-storey hotel development was announced in Downtown Charlottetown and now a 17-storey hotel, 13-storey glass office tower and convention centre for Downtown Halifax and still not a "peep or threat" out of Basil wanting one for Summerside... what's the world coming too... now I know Basil has been busy trying to explain where Summerside is at the Big City Conference…. but surely while he was gone his high paid staff could have sent out some trial balloons for at least an 11-storey hotel and convention centre... and the more shocking news was that Basil hadn't got to Gail Shea as there wasn't even a mention of hotel for Summerside in the Federal budget documents... where are all the people for the new Racino going to stay.... maybe they should dust the cover off that silly "hotel proposal" they advertised in the Globe and Mail and send it up "West" for a truck load of taxpayer's dollars...
Announcement coming on Halifax's new convention centre, CTV reports
Luxury hotel, office tower part of project
By Chronicle Herald Staff
Wed. Jan 28 - 7:10 PM
Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.
The old Chronicle Herald building on Argyle Street and its neighbour the Midtown Tavern on Grafton Street will soon make way for Halifax’s new convention centre, CTV News reported Wednesday night.
The project, which is expected to be announced in the next week or so, will feature a 17-storey luxury hotel on the block facing Argyle Street, while the popular eatery and adjacent parking lot will soon be the site of a 13-storey glass office tower.
CTV reported that municipal and provincial politicians, as well as the developer, Argyle Developments Inc., declined to comment on the proposed project.
However, Fred MacGillivray, outgoing CEO of the current World Trade and Convention Centre, confirmed that the more than 25-year-old facility is now too small for many of the events that come to Halifax.“We are turning away business now that we were getting for many years that have outgrown us,” Mr. MacGillivray told CTV.


Anonymous said...

What is going on with the Waterfront Mall project? I wouldn't recommend any building in the Summerside waterfront over a couple of stories right at the waterfront and 7 or less overall. Those ladder trucks only reach the 6th or 7th floor....

Andrew said...

Hey Mark, do you think Toronto has ladder trucks that extend 80 floors? Modern towers are designed not to burn quickly or topple down. Plumping in these towers allows fire fighters to hook up their hoses within the buildings.