Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Sue Them All"... Kiss that goodbye theroy...

Gene Simmons of Kiss fame is a great marketer and when Rolling Stone magazine interviewed him about all the breaches of copyright in the music industry his theory was "Sue Them All" so I've posted an article from Benjamin Lipman's blog that might come to the same conclusion as I'm suggesting to Mayor Llewellyn..."Perhaps the model has changed and it’s time to change with it?" ... in any event the article is worth reading if not just for fun...
Mayor Llewellyn please save your money.... I'm sure it doesn't seem fair that your Community is potentially facing a school closing but wouldn't you be a lot better off to have a public meeting to discuss developing a business plan "to save your school" as opposed to developing a costly legal case to fight the closing... spend your time and money on a professional presentation that adds some facts and figures to why your school should be left open... give the people who are trying to make these decisions your side of the story and hopefully you will prevail... although throwing the shoe appeals to me it doesn't really get you anywhere and take it from me that you can waste a ton of money trying to "sue" for "feelings" and get nothing in the end even if you win.... lets face the fact that there is going to be change so armour yourself with facts and not threats and you'll likely get further ahead on this issue... and good luck...
Georgetown taking legal action over proposed school closure
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
CBC News
The town council in the eastern P.E.I. community of Georgetown has voted unanimously in favour of taking legal action to save the local school.
Mayor Peter Llewellyn said the Eastern School District did not follow its own policies for school closures when superintendent Sandy MacDonald filed a report Jan. 7 recommending 11 schools be closed. He also disputes the numbers MacDonald used to determine that Georgetown Consolidated should be one of those schools.
Town council has scheduled a public meeting for 7 p.m. Wednesday at the King's Playhouse to present its case to residents.
The Eastern School District is in the midst of 90-day consultation period on the report. It will present final findings to the provincial government and cabinet will decide which schools will close.

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