Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcomed "Hot" News!!

Gee...I hope this crew is right as it's a little depressing out here at the cottage! It seems we can't get two days in a row with some good weather and this is what we need to drive some of those people out of the Cities to come and visit our beaches...great for tourism and maybe they can fill my spot at the "Bush"...
National weather office predicts hot summer
TORONTO — After an exceptionally cold and snowy winter, there’s finally some good news in the national weather forecast. Environment Canada is predicting it’s going to be a hot summer from coast to coast.The federal agency says temperatures will be above average for June, July and August. The only exceptions are the Far North and some coastal areas.Experts say this doesn’t bode well for efforts to limit energy consumption.This is especially true in southern Ontario, where temperatures are supposed to skyrocket above 30 degrees Celsius this weekend.

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