Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tiger's got my tee time...will they miss me

For some strange reason I'm still on the Crybush mailing list (don't tell Jack) so I shed a few tears today when I got the news that Tiger is looking for my tee time. Seriously, I'm told the folks in at Golf links had tried to get Tiger to play the Bush as the third leg of the Legends, but they may have to settle for Larry McGuire and me, toe to toe with the foot putters. Robert, please put the Bush up for sale as I might even break the bank to buy it and get back on. Boys, say hello to Tiger for me!!!
Tiger Woods gives and then he takes away after going down with injury
The Associated Press
He gave us one of the most memorable golf tournaments you’ll ever see, winning the U.S. Open on one leg. Then he took the rest of the golf season away. In just a few short days, golf went from prime time to who cares. There are two major championships and the Ryder Cup left, but without Tiger Woods around it won’t be must-see TV anymore. Think the PGA Tour had trouble selling the FedEx Cup last year? Try getting people to change channels from the NFL when the only player anyone really wants to see is sitting at home in Florida playing with his toddler daughter. Put an asterisk next to the winner of the British Open and PGA Championship because those are both tournaments Woods likely would have won had he been healthy and able to play. Add another to the golfer who wins player of the year, because that was always going to be Woods, too. As for the Ryder Cup? Well, it should be a friendly little competition down in Louisville in September. I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to see Justin Leonard and Stewart Cink paired up against Lee Westwood and Robert Karlsson.

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Andrew said...

Screw the folks are Crowbush. Gather up some investors and build a new course with some upscale senior residents around it. Many are growing old and Prince Edward Island is missing out on this up-coming market. If the right person was to design a senior community, complete with a shuttle service, they could really capitalize on something I foresee as a great investment.

If I had the cash I would be all over it.