Monday, June 9, 2008

Members no more...

I got an invite to play Crybush today from a member who just arrived at his PEI summer home from Florida. As we have often played together I thought it would be rather rude if I didn't accept his invitation particularly when I knew he would be showing up at the tee box with some of his own "homemade" baking which in this case turned out to be the most decadent chocolate cookies I've ever eaten. As usual I was late arriving but quickly noticed it was quite busy and I did get to see a few of staff members, Ryan walked up to the clubhouse with me, "Leftie" kept us on course and I ran into Charlie sporting a hard hat at the half way canteen, most of the friendly girls were around and one even said it was "nice" to see me there which I really appreciated.... we played from the gold's on a windy day and I started out really strong with three pars and I had my friend on the ropes when all of a sudden on the 4th my game was back and I had an easy triple. Then my friend started pounding it out about 300 yards into the wind and lets just say it was spotty from there on and I got "pounded". Nancy finally took my advice and cut a pathway from number 12 green to the 13th tee box for walkers like us and the only real blemish was some spots on the 14th green otherwise everything was as good as God could make it...never even seen a mosquito. What I did see was Jack Kane sporting around with a clipboard (I understand he's under contract with the Province) and a lot of new red colours on the course including the red flags and the red tees. Speaking of tees, someone came up with the idea of putting 4 little red tees in a small stapled plastic bag and each guest now get two bags or 8 tees a round instead of a handful. I hope this isn't some job creation idea, but it may be a money saver, as I understand 10,000 tees cost approximately $150 and the few hundred dollars this may save in the long run might get this golf links million dollar train wreck back in the black. I got news today that the Rodd sales prospective is ready for potential buyers and this news will "put all the Provincial courses in play" and I'm hoping someone will buy it soon and sell me a I do miss the camaraderie of the staff and members who I understand they are trying to drive away! The good news is they didn't put the run to me today.

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