Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Nice Evening....but no ass kicking

We went out early last night to City Cinemas to see "Shine A Light" a movie directed by Martin Scorsese about the Rolling Stones which I thought was excellent as it clearly shows how tough these road warriors are and it also proves that they are still at the top of their game. We then headed up to Kent Street to "Lot 30" Gordon Bailey's new restaurant to meet some friends for a drink. Gordon's new urban style digs just "opened last night" to a good crowd. As we had been there for a pre-open reception on Thursday night we thought we would wait a few days to let them get organized before we sampled what we expect will be one of the best spots to eat on PEI. After drinks our gang headed down to Victoria Row for dinner at "Costello's" a new Italian restaurant with a great decor that opened about two weeks ago by the Murphy group. There were lots of people out and about and it was a very nice atmosphere on Victoria Row until four teenage kids, two of whom were sporting skateboards, showed up with some open bottled beer that they proceeded to smash onto the street. It certainly put a bit of a damper on the evening to see these kids a little out of control and there didn't seem to be anything one could do about it? I didn't want to call the police as they were just kids but in my mind I was all set to go over and "kick some ass" and then I came to my senses only because I would have taken a worst "ass kicking" from my darling (she who must be obeyed) bride for being so stupid. I guess I should have called the police and asked them if they could give the kids a bit "of a tune up" and send them home as we need to get this type of behaviour on our streets under control before all the tourists start to arrive. I know a lot of the City police and they are pretty good at the common sense approach and the next time I see something like this I'm going to make the call.

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Rob Lantz said...

We need to deter this and other "undesirable" behavior with regular, visible foot patrols by our Police. The City Police hire cadets to do foot patrols in the summer but we need veterans on foot in the downtown, year round. This is standard operations in most cities. I know Halifax has excellent foot patrol coverage, and I was amazed at the street presence of police in Calgary last year. I know the City's police committee has been working towards this end.