Wednesday, June 4, 2008

'Unmitigated Disasters'... big words Mitch!!

Mitch...A "Disaster" would be the City getting back into the garbage business...if the City should be doing anything it should be trying to find ways to reduce overheads and manage the City more efficiently and reducing taxes...the City, led by the Mayor, just sold (without tendering) a $1,000,000.00 property for less than $400,000.00 and they want to the Province to bail them out?? The Province should be giving the Auditor General powers to review the procedures and expenses at City Hall as they are currently accountable to no one...and I suspect out of control. Mitch, clean up the "unmitigated" waste at City Hall!
Garbage piling up across capital grabs city council's attention
Ward 4 Coun. Mitchell Tweel says council will be looking at the issue of non-domestic garbage piling up across the city.This comes after residents on Desbrisay Crescent complained when a massive pile of debris started forming on their street recently. Const. Philip Claybourne, bylaw enforcement officer with the city, said Wednesday he was talking to the public works department about having the mess on Desbrisay cleaned up and Tweel said it could happen as early as today.Tweel said council met to talk about the issue of non-domestic garbage a week ago, hinting that a resolution may be forthcoming when council meets on Monday for its regular monthly public meeting.'This issue is not new,' Tweel said, noting that big piles of garbage, including old furniture, washing machines and appliances, have been forming across the city since Waste Watch began.'Waste Watch did not allow for effective and efficient non-domestic garbage pickup. The current program is not conducive to residents in the city.' Tweel said residents just don’t have access to vehicles big enough to transport large amounts of waste to the Waste Watch depots.The Ward 4 councillor said the city met with the former Pat Binns government numerous times on the issue but got nowhere and he’s hoping things will be different with the Robert Ghiz administration.He’s asking for the co-operation of MLAs who represent Charlottetown.About two years ago, the city paid for a second blue bag pickup. Now, Tweel is suggesting it may be time for the city to get back in the garbage business since it usually has to respond to matters like the mess on Desbrisay Crescent anyway.Tweel said the problem on Desbrisay isn’t the only example of problem garbage in his ward, describing situations on Connolly Street and Douglas Street as 'unmitigated disasters'. 'Waste Watch has to take responsibility.'

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