Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Now here's a major priority....banning ditch filling!

This could be another great opportunity for our Government to create some new jobs...think about all the new inspectors for each County, people to do the training, clerks to fill out the forms and maybe a chief culvert inspector. And how about a ditch policing course at Holland College? If they can't come up with the "coin" to do all this then they could just make up another application fee to pass down to the taxpaying end-users so they wouldn't have to say they were raising our taxes. I'm sure going to sleep well tonight knowing that they got this issue under control.
P.E.I. halts all ditch filling because of contractors' shoddy work
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
CBC News
With shoddy culvert construction threatening to cause flooding of basements and driveways, P.E.I. has banned all public ditch filling outside of Charlottetown and Summerside.An installed culvert in the community of Stratford, east of Charlottetown, that is too small to function properly is one example of the kind of problems the province is dealing with, said provincial engineer Darren Chaisson as he pointed out the deficiencies to CBC News."You can see here you have a culvert coming underneath a roadway that empties out into a smaller culvert. If that culvert is running three-quarters full, you can see the smaller culvert's just not going to be able to handle that water," said Chaisson."Any homes downstream could be flooded, driveways could be flooded, basements could be flooded."Chaisson said the problem goes beyond one or two contractors, so the province decided the best solution was to put a temporary stop to all work. The province is devising a strategy to train contractors to do the work properly.Charlottetown and Summerside are not included in the ban because they have their own public works departments and their own policies.

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Andrew said...

When Charlottetown amalgamated back in 1996 and launched its ditch-filling program I asked myself, "why not take this opportunity to bury the utility lines in these up-and-coming neighborhoods?"

I think the day with eventually come when Charlottetown starts to bury many of its utility lines. That day will be shameful to the tax buck when we have to re-dig the ditches, temporarily.